Elden Ring: Torrent and mounted combat guide

Elden Ring Torrent Mount Combat Feat

Torrent is your trusty horse, a mount that you acquire early on. All you need to do is head to the Gatefront Site of Grace where you’ll meet Melina. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you with your horse, Torrent, as well as mounted combat.

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Elden Ring guide – How to use Torrent and engage in mounted combat

As mentioned earlier, Melina gives you the Torrent summon when you reach Gatefront. This is an item that you equip in one of your quick use slots. Unfortunately, it shares the same slot as your flasks/potions, lantern, and ash summons. It can be very annoying when you want to summon your horse, but you accidentally end up using a flask.

Note: After you obtain the Torrent summon, return to the Church of Elleh at night to meet a witch named Renna. She’ll give you the Spirit Calling Bell, allowing you to call on spectral beasts to help you in battles.

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Exploration while on Torrent

Torrent speeds up exploration in Elden Ring. He even has a double jump while your character does not. Additionally, if you see a Spiritspring (i.e., a circular pillar of wind), you can use Torrent’s jump to reach new heights.

Note: Torrent won’t be able to enter dungeons and other interiors (you’ll get dismounted). Likewise, in case of NPC invasions, Torrent will also disappear since you need to fight that battle.

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Combat while on Torrent

Torrent allows you to engage in mounted combat in Elden Ring. However, this is fairly limited:

  • Only your main hand weapon is used. For instance, if you have a melee weapon in your right hand, then left-clicking will do a slash to your right. Right-clicking, meanwhile, will do a swipe to the left.
  • If using a ranged weapon, it has to be in your main hand as well. Left-clicking will fire a straight shot, whereas right-clicking allows you to aim.

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As for fighting opponents while on horseback, just try to stay mobile whenever possible, and use the right directional weapon swings when maneuvering around enemies. If you’re trying a bit of mounted archery, then you can press “Q” to lock-on while left-clicking to snipe bosses. This is fairly advantageous, as you can move sideways while on Torrent to continue shooting.

Bear in mind that Torrent isn’t invincible. If he takes a chunk of damage in a single hit, then he’ll despawn and you need to resummon him. But, if his HP gets fully depleted, then you need to use a Flask of Crimson Tears (i.e., HP potion) to revive him. Moreover, if you get unhorsed, your character will be temporarily stunned on the ground.

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