Frontier have set a new date for the launch of the Powerplay beta in Elite: Dangerous, stating that they’ll be “working through the bank holiday” to get it ready for 26 May.

This beta was originally planned for 20 May, but had to pushed back due to the scope of the update.

Assuming this does now go ahead on 26 May, those who have Elite: Dangerous beta access (high-level Kickstarter backers and those who paid for the opportunity while the Elite store was offering it) will be able to experience an ‘accelerated’ universe. The usual cut-price beta ships and equipment will be present, and the faction ‘powers’ will be acting more swiftly than they will in the final release.

This should allow beta testers to get a strong idea of how Powerplay works in a more condensed period of time (the Elite: Dangerous betas have, traditionally, lasted a week.)

If the week-long beta trend continues with Powerplay, the full, public release of 1.3 should show up in early June.

Newsletter #76 also includes a couple more things to look forward to in the update. There will be new notifications when players achieve the next rank in the Pilots Federation, asteroid mining values are to be stored on “a Commander basis” meaning you won’t be able to mine an exhausted resource, and the explosive type of mines will now do some Thermic damage.

Finally, there are a few specs from the upcoming Imperial Courier ship: Speed 277, jump distance of 7.81 light years, twice as expensive as the Lakon Type 6, three medium hardpoints with 4 utility hardpoints and as standard 12 tonnes cargo capacity. And a couple of images (one above, one below) of the new Lakon Diamondback.

lakon diamondback2

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