Elite: Dangerous Season 3 kicks off with free Beyond – Chapter One open beta

Elite: Dangerous Season 3 kicks off with free Beyond – Chapter One open beta

With 2018 now underway, the next chapter in Frontier’s Elite: Dangerous will be starting soon with an open beta.

The Beyond – Chapter One open beta will be getting underway on 25 January and goes moves the narrative forward after last season’s Thargoid attack. The idea of this test is to give players the chance to try new content and help shape the game in the months ahead.

Features to watch out for include advanced Trading Data with more information on the economy which will enable smoother deals and transactions. Reworked planet rendering in the COBRA engine will also be introduced which means vibrant surface colors better reflect planetary geological properties.

Engineering mechanics, mission rewards, and a new crime and punishment system will also come into play. There’s also the new Chieftain Alliance warship entering the game.

One feature that’s going to be tested is the new GalNet Audio which should really bring the game to life and it’s something we’re particularly looking forward to.

Much of this was revealed last October and the timeline of events planned for 2018 can be found in this post.

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    • xCheck

      ED is a fine game but only for 15 hours. I hope “Beyond” would finally make the game worth of the money I pledged – much much more depth to game mechanisms and content instead of endless grinding.

    • xCheck

      Some small improvement but I’m hugely disappointed they are pushing game towards “player is a ship” by attaching crimes to ships.

      Btw. why not analysis / news about FD’s streams?