Elite: Dangerous

Following what’s been described by Frontier Developments as a lengthy selection process, Elite: Dangerous now has a composer. That composer is Erasmus Talbot.

Part of the selection process involved scoring a cinematic video showing a battle between two capital ships, as well as a dogfight between two small squadrons of fighters. That video – with Talbot’s music in place – can be viewed below. It’s easily worth a watch even if you’re not desperately into sweeping battle music, though, as it shows off a cinematic interpretation of what battles will hopefully be like in the finished version.

Y’see, the video was apparently helpful in ways other than choosing a composer as its creation necessitated the artists developing things like ship materials, GUI layout, and special effects. This week’s focusing on the music, though; the other ways in which the video assisted will be talked about in David Braben’s next dev diary, due in a few weeks.

You can read up on what the team were looking for in a composer (and what Talbot’s thought process was when developing this piece of music) on the Kickstarter updates page here, and you can take a look at the full video below. Elite: Dangerous is due out in early 2014.

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