The Chaos Engine

    Hello children.

    Activate all nodes. The rather decent top-down shooter The Chaos Engine is available for the PC today, through Steam, GOG and probably other digital places as well, priced at $10.00 USD. It has both ‘enhanced’ and ‘classic’ modes to select from, so if you want that authentic Amiga feel and 16-direction control scheme, you can have it.

    The enhanced version will liberate your aiming to all directions, adds gamepad support and tweaks the graphics ever so slightly. Both modes have added multiplayer (local and online) too, which is probably the main addition in this online co-op centric era.

    It only has four (multi-stage) levels, but take it from me – they get bloody hard quite quickly. I don’t think I ever made it beyond the final parts of level three.

    Here’s the launch trailer. For a lengthier look at a co-op playthrough, watch this one instead.

    Peter Parrish

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