Epic rolling back Paragon v.32.1 tower changes

Epic rolling back Paragon v.32.1 tower changes

When the Paragon v.32.1 patch dropped last week it was a real game changer but unfortunately a game changer that fundamentally broke the game.

There’s been little enjoyment to  be had from Paragon since the v.32 update dropped and v.32.1 made it even worse. There’s no doubt the game is a bit of a mess right now and that’s unlikely to change for a while. The game’s map is being reworked at the moment as Epic continue to push toward the Travel Mode removal. Right now, Travel Mode is needed due to the size of the current map, but when they do remove it, the game will effectively become something completely different and not all players are happy about that.

In an attempt to at least make it enjoyable until all the major changes are in place such as the new map, Epic are rolling back changes they made last week to the Tier Two towers, inhibitors and cores.

We recently made a change in v.32.1 to health on Tier Two towers, inhibitors and cores. These were part of the initiative to drive down match times, alongside these changes we stated that if we observed negative impacts on gameplay and game satisfaction we would address the changes. We are committed to experimenting when and where it makes sense during Open Beta. We’ll revert changes when they don’t make sense, but we won’t hesitate to experiment with changes that can help us learn how to improve Paragon.

We did observe a positive interaction in driving down the outliers in terms of match length (e.g. 60+ minute matches), dropping 20 minutes off the outlier match times with the initial (v.32) and follow-up changes. We have seen further small reductions in AFKs and surrenders in v.32.1.

However, after taking the time to observe the data over the first few days of 32.1 gameplay, we noticed a decrease in satisfaction surrounding the changes. To us this means we did accomplish the first goal, but it lead to a clearly negative gameplay experience for players. Due to this, we will be reverting the v.32.1 tower/inhib/core changes effective now.

Thank you for bearing with us as we tried these changes, the end goal is to always provide the best game experience.

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