Epos Gaming Headset Deal Gsp 670

Act fast and get a good deal on a selection of Epos gaming headsets

Save money on quality headsets.

If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming headset but aren’t sure which to go for, we’ve got some good news. Epos is currently selling some of its top-of-the-line gaming headsets at discounted prices with its latest deals. With these discounts, you can shave around $50 off of the MSRP, but you’ll need to act quickly since these discounts are only available until August 31.

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Epos’ line of headsets is well known at this point for being a worthy option in the headset market, going up against stiff competition like HyperX, SteelSeries, and Logitech. But even among some of the heavy hitters, Epos headsets are more than capable of standing on their own. At the usual price, it’s harder to justify choosing these over other notable brands. SteelSeries’ Arctis Nova Pro is an especially tough competitor. However, Epos’ deals on its gaming headsets are worth looking over.


Save $50 on these Epos gaming headsets

To kick things off, we’ve got deals on three of Epos’ GSP 600 range of headsets. The GSP 600. 601. and 602 are each selling for $99, as opposed to $149. There aren’t any differences between the models other than color. But since this is gaming-related hardware, aesthetics are very important. The GSP 600 goes for black and red, the 601 is white and gold, and the 602 is black and blue. If you want to nab a solid headset for $99, you really can’t go wrong with this lineup. If you buy any of these, they also come with a free headset holder that fits onto a desk.

Epos Gaming Headset Deal Gsp 601

The GSP 601 features a slick white color scheme and is currently going for $99.

Epos also has deals on a few of its premium gaming headsets as well. First up there’s the Game One headset that features “natural spatial audio.” Normally this headset goes for $179, but with the discount, it’s going for $129. Then there’s the H3 Hybrid, which comes in two colors: black and white. This is also going for $129, and it doubles as a wireless headset, and having fewer wires to deal with is always a good thing. There’s also the GSP 670, which offers better sound quality, 7.1 surround sound, and wireless connectivity for $199.

Epos Gaming Headset Deal H3 Hybrid

The H3 Hybrid offers up wireless connectivity with a discounted price of $129.

These headsets are a good upgrade for anyone still using their cheap headphones. And if you’re looking for something that’s suitable as a quality headset, you can’t go wrong here. The GSP 600 range is especially good value at the moment, even though they’re the simplest headsets Epos has to offer. Be sure to grab a headset before the discounts end on August 30.

Please note that all prices are in USD.

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