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If you’re an indie gamer, there’s a high chance you’ve played a game where you had to discover the secrets of your past before. But have you discovered those secrets as a cat? From Scratch Studios’ Etched Memories takes the amnesiac hero trope and gives it nine lives. Players take on the role of Biscuit, a tabby cat with very few memories of his past. The Etched Memories Demo is available for free on Steam today.

Etched Memories follows Biscuit on a journey to find his mother after he wakes up in the middle of a forest on a stormy night. Along the way, Biscuit discovers items and documents that dive into his past as a research animal in a laboratory. Be careful, though – there are other creatures in the forest and in the water that will try to eat Biscuit.

The eerie Etched Memories Demo trailer describes your journey to “find your loved ones before it’s too late.” Biscuit seems pretty adept at exploring for a four-legged friend with no thumbs. In the trailer, he can be seen crashing through windows, picking up clues, opening doors, and maneuvering a shark-shaped boat. Check out the gameplay video below.

Play Etched Memories your own way

You choose your own perspective in Etched Memories. Both first and third-person perspectives are available, depending on your preference. A simple click of a button will toggle between the two. Additionally, From Scratch Studios has included an “optional, semi-open world hiking” feature. This setting focuses solely on exploring the beautiful nature scenes that Etched Memories has to offer. There’s also an option to follow a more linear path of clues to quickly progress through the story. The full version of Etched Memories is still in development, but the developers promised to add “special locations and Easter eggs” to the map.

Cats seem to be popular video game protagonists this year, considering the upcoming release of BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurrna Interactive’s indie title Stray. That catventure isn’t slated for release until October 2021, so the Etched Memories Demo on Steam should be enough to (cat)scratch your itch, for now.

Elise Nelson
Elise is freelance writer with a love of indie mystery and horror video games and all things Mario. When she's not spending hours typing away on her laptop, she enjoys practicing her ukulele, petting all the dogs, and redesigning her Animal Crossing island for the 800th time.

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