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Best Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League character, ranked

Which Suicide Squad KTJL character is the best?

Every character in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a wildly different playstyle and unique methods of traversal, so choosing your main is a difficult process. While characters are better suited for certain situations, a few of them are still much better than the rest.

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Who is the best characters in Suicide Squad KTJL?

You can switch between each of the Suicide Squad members at will when exploring Metropolis and the game encourages you to regularly swap your main character for different missions, so you’ll spend a lot of time playing as each of the game’s main characters. Still, if you’re trying to choose a main, it’s better to invest in some characters first. These are the best characters in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

1. Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Harley Quinn Win
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Harley Quinn is one of the most mobile members of the Suicide Squad with the ability to grapple to ledges and swing around the battlefield with her grappling hook. Her mobility pairs well with her weapons of choice like pistols and submachine guns, but you can also take Quinn in an entirely different direction since she’s the only character other than King Shark who can wield heavy weapons.

While Harley Quinn doesn’t seem like the most exciting character of the bunch, her talent tree is packed with some of the most useful skills in the game. She has three main playstyles: Detonator, Run-N-Gunner, and Slugger. Harley’s at her best when she’s using a mix of these three with skills from all three of her talent trees, lobbing grenades, spraying bullets, and smacking enemies with her bat.

At her core, Harley is a character who specializes in dealing damage while on the move, and that’s a core tenet of the combat system in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. She’s all about nonstop damage output powered by her skills that maintain her combo counter, generate ammo, and reduce the need for reloading.

2. King Shark

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League King Shark Win
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You may think that King Shark is just a tanky brute based on his appearance, but he’s actually a surprisingly versatile character that meshes well with multiple playstyles. Shark’s three recommended playstyles — Artillery, Predator, and Survivor — should give you an idea of the areas in which he excels.

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With the right skills, King Shark can lay down an unending stream of bullets and specialize in heavy weaponry to fill the classic role of the heavy gunner that every squad needs. If you’d rather get up close and personal, surprising foes with weakening melee attacks before pelting them with a shotgun blast, then King Shark is great for that, too. He can also play the role of a tank for your team, maintaining his shield and restoring health with pure, unbridled aggression.

King Shark can fill a surprisingly varied number of roles on your team, and whether he’s a frontline fighter that draws enemy fire or a backline support unit that lays down suppressing fire from afar with a minigun, he’s a key asset to the Suicide Squad’s success.

3. Captain Boomerang

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Captain Boomerang Win
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Most people don’t go into Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League expecting Captain Boomerang to be a particularly exciting character, but his stolen Speed Force gauntlet makes him one of the most enjoyable characters in the game. He can cover more distance than any other Suicide Squad member with his boomerang teleports and aerial dashes, and his arsenal of sniper rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns makes him one of the most versatile shooters on the team.

Captain Boomerang’s kit is designed around the mobility of his teleports, rewarding him for rapidly repositioning around the field. His talent trees support three major playstyles — Hit-N-Runner, Charger, and Long Range — and it’s arguably the most varied trio in the entire game.

With the aid of his Speed Force gauntlet, Captain Boomerang can teleport toward enemies and spray them with submachine gunfire before retreating to safety, launch himself directly into a crowd and blast them with a shotgun, or reach vantage points to pick foes off from afar with a sniper rifle.

4. Deadshot

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Deadshot
Image: Rocksteady

Deadshot isn’t a bad character by any means, but he’s definitely the least exciting of the group. He’s the most basic soldier of the Suicide Squad, armed with a jetpack that helps him get around the battlefield and a well-rounded arsenal of sniper rifles, assault rifles, and pistols. Deadshot’s obviously meant to be a sniper, especially since his jetpack helps him reach vantage points or even just hover in the air to snipe enemies from the sky, but he can do a lot of other things as well.

As you unlock skills in Deadshot’s talent trees, you’ll see that he has three recommended playstyles: Tactician, Sharpshooter, and Bomber. Deadshot fills all three of these roles with ease thanks to his well-rounded kit.

If you want to use him at long range, he can use a sniper rifle and focus on well-placed shots to maximize his damage and increase his critical hit rate. If you’d rather take to the skies with his jetpack, you can increase his combo and recharge his skills much faster while also reducing his jetpack’s heat build-up and even causing enemies to explode upon death. Deadshot even excels in a support role with the ability to generate shields for himself and his allies. He’s a solid choice no matter the situation, but the other Suicide Squad members still have a lot more going for them.

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