Evil Dead: The Game — Quick tips guide for survivors and demons

Evil Dead The Game Kandarian Demon Gameplay Trailer 1 tips and tricks guide survivor demon

Evil Dead: The Game is a brand new asymmetric horror game from Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive. But it’s also got a bunch of franchise-accurate details that make for a surprisingly different experience than you may be used to. Therefore, we’ve put together some quick tips for new Evil Dead: The Game players, so you’ll be able to easily jump into the game with a better understanding of the evil in your way.

Sharpen up that rusty chainsaw and dive into the massacre.


Evil Dead: The Game — Quick tips and tricks guide for survivors

You’ll always know where to look

Frantically searching a spooky area for pieces of a thing is one of the most common tropes in asymmetric games, and Evil Dead: The Game is no different on that front. You might think you’ll need to run around all willy-nilly while seeking out the pages of the Necronomicon, but that’s not actually necessary.

As a survivor, the start of each match will require your team to find three pages. On the right side of the screen will be instructions telling you the rough area that each page is in, which you’ll be able to find on your map. Areas where pages can be found are highlighted by grey circles on the map as well. Once you get within range of a page, it’ll be highlighted in green and a waypoint will be placed so that you can grab it. Easy.

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If you’re new, look to Cheryl

Cheryl is one of the most useful survivors to have on your team. Each survivor has a special ability with a cooldown, and hers can be indispensable. She creates a healing area that will restore the life of any teammates standing in it. This allows her to function as a healer, which can easily turn the tides when things are going awry. However, it’s not free of issues. If Cheryl gets interrupted by an attack while setting the ability up, it’ll get cancelled and count as it being used. That means that you’ll need to wait 90 seconds for the ability to recharge even if you didn’t actually get to use it. So make sure Cheryl’s safe when putting this down.

Mark your crates

You’ll find supply crates all over the place in Evil Dead: The Game — so here are some tips on those. The best thing about these is that they contain bottles of Pink F, which is what will give your survivors upgrade points. On top of that, these crates drop Pink F for everybody, not just the player who opens the crate. Therefore, when you find one of these, mark it so that your teammates can also grab upgrade points. This is a team-based game, after all. You want your teammates to get stronger, right?

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Pay attention to stats

If you look at the survivors on the menu, you’ll notice that each survivor has their own stats. Some characters are meant as all-rounders, while others specialize. You’ll want to pick a survivor based on your playstyle, so make sure to keep this in mind. The way it works is a little different from other games, though.

Survivors can have up to five slots available for each stat category and this shows you how high you can upgrade each. For instance, the aforementioned Cheryl is a support character, so her melee stat is at three, which can grant you up to 12% increased melee damage and 5% melee speed. For Henry the Red, however, his melee goes up to five, which grants you an additional two levels. Granted, there’s less room for stamina improvement in melee-heavy characters, so it can certainly pay to pick an all-rounder instead.

Watch your noise levels

As a survivor, firing guns, having a high fear level, and driving a car will let the demon see you on their map. All they have to do is make a beeline straight for you. If you avoid these things, however, the demon will have a much harder time tracking you down during the early parts of a match. You really don’t want your opponent to know where you are until later. So it’s a good idea to make less use of your guns and not drive until you need to move to the dagger or lost Necronomicon pages.

Evil Dead: The Game — Quick tips and tricks guide for demons

Don’t worry about grabbing energy during major events

As a demon, you can’t do anything without infernal energy. But whenever survivors are getting the lost pages, the dagger, or tackling the Old Ones, your infernal energy will rapidly replenish while you’re in these zones. This means that you can unleash all the powers you want, making you much more of a threat to the living. Naturally, this mostly means that you’ll spawn an elite or boss and then repeatedly wail on a specific survivor until they die. But those are the rules of being a deadite, apparently.

Evil Dead The Game Trailer 1 tips and tricks guide survivor demon

The flute player is stronger than you’d think

The best demon to pick is oftentimes the Necromancer, so you’ll want to make good use of the flute player. It might seem like a jokey reference to Army of Darkness and it absolutely is, but this sucker can seriously buff your deadites in a major way. Of course, the flute player can’t move and doesn’t take long to kill, so it’s better to put it in an isolated spot that can’t be seen easily, otherwise a survivor will just demolish it with a sledgehammer. Don’t just drop it into an open field or anything. That’s just asking for trouble.

It’s never too late

The demon gets a massive advantage in the end of the match. To win, all you have to do is destroy the Necronomicon. Even if you’ve been struggling to deal with survivor teamwork all along, you can eke out of a victory solely by standing your ground and busting the book to bits. To do this, you’ll need some serious damage on your side. The Puppetmaster demon boss has the least HP, so using them will put you at a disadvantage. Put stat points into your boss as best you can to take the book out faster, and it doesn’t hurt to have a flute player and an elite deadite or two to help distract players. You destroy that book and you win. Simple as that.

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In general, use your spirit points

Evil Dead: The Game doesn’t make it all that clear, but those points under your experience bar are used to level up your characters. Just go into your collection, select a character, and then dump points into your favorites to level them up way faster than simply using them will do. The higher a character’s level, the more perks, passive and on the skill tree, you’ll be able to unlock, which will make you all the more effective.

That’s all for our quick tips for Evil Dead: The Game. The most important thing is to have fun, sure, but seeing that victory screen is also pretty nice.

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