Evolve Electro Griffin Hunter available now

Evolve Electro Griffin Hunter available now

Evolve is in the middle of a resurgence since going free to play and there’s new content today which is accompanied by a suitably cheesy trailer.

The Electro Griffin is a new variation on the trapper Hunter with the following attributes.

  • The Laser Storm – Infused with electro neuron dampening plasma, this SMG will slow the movement of anything it touches;
  • The Final Lockdown – Bursting with sonic disrupter energy; this harpoon gun will damage and restrain the movement of its targets.
  • The Electro Suit – Allows the use of Electro Griffin’s full movement speed while firing for unprecedented combat mobility.

Players will need silver keys to unlock him and he’s available now for all Founders.  Evolve is now free to play for everyone.

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