WD And Gigabyte Are Offering Two Affordable PC Storage Expansions

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When it comes to PC parts, most people think of the usual components like monitors, keyboards, mice, graphics cards and processors. But, having the right storage (in terms of both capacity and speed) is also very important. If you’re in the market for some new storage options, then check out these two incredibly affordable deals from Western Digital and Gigabyte.

Wd My Passport

Let’s start with Western Digital’s offering since it’s the cheapest. The Amazon listing for the 1TB “My Passport” – Black Edition external hard drive is showing that its current price is just $39.99. The original price was $49.99, so that’s $10 in savings. If you have a bit more cash and/or need more storage space, you can also opt for the larger models (which have also received price reductions) :

This Western Digital external hard drive is powered by USB 3.0, but only offers the standard 5200RPM performance that most HDDs have. Thus, it’s definitely good for storing a huge amount of files, but keep in mind that loading speeds will be slow when it comes to applications like open-world games, video/photo editors, and other data-intensive programs.

If you need something with faster speeds (albeit one that offers less storage space), then Gigabyte’s option is the one to look at.

Gigabyte M.2 Ssd

The popular storage manufacturer is releasing a new NVMe M.2 SSD for a surprisingly cheap price: it’s starting at just $50 for 128GB. This M.2 SSD is capable of write-speeds of up to 1100MB/s and read-speeds of up to 500 MB/s. This is leaps-and-bounds faster than the aforementioned WD external hard drive, and having such a low entry-level price point makes it all the better. There will be larger models as well, in the form of a 256GB model ($69.99) and 512GB (price unspecified). Gigabyte’s new M.2 SSD will hit the market in just a few days.

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