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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout guide – Tips to conquer the castle in Wall Guys

I hope you've been practicing your pull-ups.

Wall Guys will frustrate you. It requires teamwork in a game where people don’t play well together. The goal of the devilish Fall Guys Wall Guys level is to scale a series of walls to reach the finish line. The only way to get over them is to move blocks into positions where they can be used to jump over the walls. So, here are some Fall Guys tips to help you scale Wall Guys like a master thief.

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Getting the balance right between moving blocks and being able to jump over the wall ahead of your opponents is tricky. Everyone is going to be climbing over each other in their desperate attempt to reach the finish line. Timing and patience are going to be key.

Size matters

There are five different block sizes, but you don’t need to make use of them all to scale the walls. For the first wall, you can pull yourself onto the large block without using the small block. Having said that, pulling yourself up a ledge takes longer than jumping straight onto it. So, when it’s convenient, use the smaller blocks to get over the walls faster. This applies to all the walls.

Either Of The Smaller Blocks Will Get You Onto The Big One

Either of the smaller blocks in the image will allow you to get onto the big one.

The second wall has three blocks. You can use either the smallest or middle-sized block to get onto the biggest block, which you need to get over the wall. The third area has four blocks. The fastest way to get over this wall is to use the second smallest block to jump onto the biggest one – you’ll need to ledge grab.

The last wall has five blocks to help you get over it. You can use either the smallest or second smallest to get onto the middle-sized block. Then you can use the middle-sized block to get onto the biggest one, which you need to get over the wall.

Getting Over The Final Wall

Climbing tips

You can clear much larger distances if you dive after jumping. You can use this trick to jump between blocks that are far apart or over a wall that seems out of reach. It will save you a lot of time. You can see me putting the trick to use in the clip above.

When trying to ledge grab, you need to aim your bean so that its arms only just hit the corner of the block or wall. If your bean’s stomach hits the wall, you’re likely to bounce off and miss the ledge grab. So, if you’re not confident you can clear the obstacle with a jump, aim shorter, and ledge grab.

Don't Ledge Grab Like This

Don’t ledge grab like this.

If you can, jump from the wall to a high block. You may be able to use the jump and dive trick to clear the entire section and the following wall without having to move a block.

The final Fall Guys Wall Guys tip I have for this guide is to look around you. Players tend to get tunnel vision for one large block. If you’re behind, push another one near the wall and go it alone. You’ll be surprised how often it gets you through.

Unfortunately, this round often requires a bit of luck. But if you remember these Fall Guys Wall Guys tips, you’ll get through a lot more often. If you’d like some tips for Fall Guys stages other than Wall Guys, you can check out our guides and features hub.

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