Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon leakage hits intertubes

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Remember 1 April when UbiSoft’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon site popped up and everyone thought it was some sort of weird joke? As it transpired the game is in fact real and there’s been quite a bit of chatter about it since.

Yesterday leaked video footage of the game in action  popped up on Youtube which was posted by some random bloke and it was subsequently yanked offline by UbiSoft. Gamers were quick to grab the footage and it was reposted multiple times on Youtube under different accounts. The footage showed what appears to be an early section of the colourful shooter featuring stealth kills and some of the 90’s one-liner dialogue for extra cheese-factor.

We won’t post the video up, well there’s not point, it will be removed by UbiSoft faster than you can say “Cybernetic killer”, but from what we have seen it looks ok-ish and pretty much what you’d expect from a game that is trying to be over the top in the visual department.

As of this morning, it appears the game was grabbed from U-Play using a hack created by a bunch of Russian hackers according to Gameranx. The hack took advantage of a exploit in the U-Play client and the game has already been leaked onto the Intertubes in full.

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