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FFXIV: Hatching-tide 2023 guide and rewards

It's a knife time for egg hunting.

The FFXIV equivalent of Easter is back in season from March 27 to April 10, and this time with some shake-ups to the ongoing event story. Hatching-tide 2023 introduces not one, but two new creatures of the game into the mix- the well-utilized Sylph beastmen from early A Realm Reborn and select sidequests, and the transformed Lalafell from the past known as Tonberry, featured in two dungeons of A Realm Reborn. All of this, along with a new costume and emote, and there is much to gain from this year’s Hatching-tide. Here’s a Hatching-tide 2023 guide and rewards.

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Hatching-tide 2023 starting quest and location

The character you’re playing must have completed the Main Scenario Quest ‘It’s Probably Pirates’. From there, ‘Get Along and Play Knife’ is picked up from Jihl Aliapoh in Old Gridania (10.2, 9.4) on the stage of Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre.

Ffxiv Hatching Tide 2023 Guide And Rewards Cutscene

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After the cutscene, speak to Hamlyn next to her to be glamoured into the Tonberry outfit. Exit the Amphitheatre and start down the path to Apkallu Falls to the right of the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre Aetheryte. The first Sylph to scare off is hovering there.

Ffxiv Hatching Tide 2023 Sylph

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The next one is behind you across the bridge and on the right path discussing with a companion. After them, turn around and walk right off the cliff. The final two Sylphs are just below it. Now return to Hamilyn, then talk to Jihl to complete the first quest.

Completing the quest gives you 1440 EXP and 286 gil. Now pick up the second Hatching-tide quest from Hamilyn, ‘Chaos, Carnage, Eggs’.

The second Hatching-tide quest and FATE

As has become custom for each Hatching-tide to have a minigame or FATE, you now have to venture into the Central Shroud to complete a special event FATE. The quickest way is to teleport to Bentbranch Meadows and fly or walk to the area outlined in orange by the quest next to the Mirror Planks.

Ffxiv Hatching Tide 2023 Fate

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The FATE, ‘Don’t Be Sylphish,” spawns about every eight minutes. You can tell it’s about to spawn when the sound effect of a large crowd starts playing. Be sure to physically click Join Fate when it does to get the required FATE action. In this FATE, you have to collect the Archon Eggs that spawn on the ground while both Sylphs and the giant Mammet try to stun you with lightning attacks. There’s a lot going on at once, so you need to watch your step. Being hit by one of the many AoEs will stun you for a few moments.

Target the Sylphs and use your FATE action, Frighten, to scare them off and collect the eggs. TAB targeting helps a lot. Be sure to turn said eggs in to Hamilyn by the northern edge of the FATE before it concludes to get credit for participating.

Teleport or walk and fly back to Gridania and return to Jihl Aliapoh.

Conclusion, rewards, and bonus content

Completing the quest gives you 1,440 experience points, 660 gil, and Ballroom Etiquette- Unnerving Undulations, which unlocks the /frighten emote upon usage. This ends the Hatching-tide 2023 storyline. To receive further rewards, talk to Dreamer just below the Amphitheatre stage to the right.

Each reward requires the Special Midnight Archon Eggs you obtain from the FATE:

  • Tonberry Head for two eggs
  • Tonberry Body for two eggs
  • Tonberry Hands for two eggs
  • Tonberry Culottes for two eggs
  • Tonberry Boots for two eggs
  • Pa-Paya Demastered Orchestrion Roll for three eggs
  • Hippity-hoppity Hatching-tide Advertisement Wall-mounted furnishing for two eggs
  • Ten Magicked Prism (Hatching-tide) for one egg

The full Tonberry costume takes ten eggs to get, while one of every reward is sixteen eggs total. The FATE rewards about five on average, so you need to spend a while camped out there if you want everything.

Hatching-tide Event Rewards

The costume, emote, and wall furnishing. Screenshot by PC Invasion

If you walk around the Amphitheatre area, there are several Tonberry NPCs to talk to as well. The Gleaning Tonberry is Erenville from base Endwalker, Too-beautiful Tonberry and Mooning Tonberry are Redolent Rose and Yellow Moon from the Weaver questline, and there’s even a Suspect Tonberry who tells you they are just a glamoured Sylph wanting to enjoy the festival without causing trouble.

Now you’ve done everything there is to this years’ event. What could possibly endanger the festival next year?

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