Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Eden’s Verse: Furor Guide

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Furor Garuda Ifrit Raktapaksa Eden's Verse

If you didn’t get chills with that opening music, I can only assume you don’t remember the original Garuda fight. Eden’s Verse: Furor is here, and with it, one of the more dreaded Primals from the original Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn days. Garuda, Ifrit, Garuda and Ifrit, and Raktapaksa await.

Anyway, this raid guide is going to have to work a little differently. This is a long fight with four distinct phases – and not only that, but half of the attacks have no cast time and no visible name. As such, we’ll take this phase by phase. We’ll list the attacks, then quickly go over the stuff you really need to remember.


Ferostorm – Garuda summons blue pillars around her. These will perform a cone-shaped AoE in the direction they’re “facing” away from her.
Superstorm – Party-wide AoE.

air bump Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Furor Garuda Ifrit Raktapaksa Eden's Verse

These are the Air Bump markers.

Air Bump – There’s no name on this, but it’s the player-targeted AoE with two pyramids spinning inside it. Two players are targeted with this at once. Air Bump doesn’t look it, but it’s a stack AoE: stack with at least one other person. It’ll inflict a magic vulnerability debuff, some light damage, and a massive stun. If you’re stacked with another person, the stun is avoided. This is good, because…
Thorns – Air Bump is always followed by this ground-targeted AoE, which will kill you if you have the magic vulnerability debuff. Get the hell out of the way of this. (Although I will admit that Air Bump followed by Thorns is a really cinematic way to die.)
Blue circle – No name given for this, and I haven’t found one because I haven’t seen anyone get hit by it. This’ll periodically spawn in the center of the arena. It has a knockback effect: Stand close to it but not inside it, and you’ll be hurled backwards but hopefully not out of the arena.

blue circle Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Furor Garuda Ifrit Raktapaksa Eden's Verse

And this is the blue circle that does knockback.

Storm of Fury – Blue lines target two players. A conal AoE will strike at each of them — stay away from these players.
Vacuum Slice – A red AoE across the center of the arena, which leaves behind a damaging void zone.
Occluded Front – Summons six bombs around the outside of the arena. This is then followed by a knockback effect that pushes the bombs (and players) towards the void zone before they detonate. Stand close, between the bombs, and then get ready to move away from them before they blow.

Garuda mostly requires you to pay a bit of attention to the arena and not her cast bar. While she has a lot of attacks, plenty are linked in some way: Air Bump and Thorns are basically a two-part attack, and the same goes for Vacuum Slice and Occluded Front. Once you burn her down to about 55% HP, she’ll bow out.

Avoid Ferostorm and Storm of Fury, stack up for Air Bump, and dodge the bombs for Occluded Front, and the Lady of the Vortex will take a break. Eden’s Verse: Furor continues with…


Ifrit’s Landing – No name for this, but Ifrit will land wherever Garuda left. As soon as you see the distance AoE marker appear, get as far away from it as you can before he appears.
Hands of Flame – Tankbuster.

Hands Of Hell

People need to run into the Hands of Hell tethers to pull them away from the target, and the rest of the party needs to not be in the way of the resulting attack.

Hands of Hell – Ifrit creates three tethers to one player. Others need to run into these tethers to pick them up and then spread out. When the cast finishes, Ifrit clones will dash to each of those players, hitting anyone in the way.
Instant Incineration – One tank gets targeted with this. Ideally, the other tank should stack with them to avoid the stun (as with Air Bump) before Eruption goes off. This may not be essential: I’ve seen tanks launched into the air by this, and I’ve seen solo tanks just walk it off.
Eruption – Massive ground-targeted AoEs. Move out of the way.
Strike Spark – Ifrit spawns bombs around the sides of the arena.
Hot Foot – Ifrit will kick one of the bombs into the center of the arena. Stack up on Ifrit to avoid all of the bomb explosions.
Inferno Howl – Party-wide AoE.

Ifrit is arguably less complex than Garuda. The only initially tricky mechanic is splitting the tethers and making sure Ifrit’s dash doesn’t smack the whole party. The other thing that might catch players off guard is the method of avoiding the bombs, but as long as you remember to stack on Ifrit for that you should be fine.

Once his health has dropped to about 75%, Ifrit will throw a strop and call in Garuda to help out.

Garuda and Ifrit

And now, all of those mechanics at the same time.

This is basically all of the mechanics of the previous phases at the same time. You’ll need to stack for Air Bump, hide from bombs for Occluded Front, and take tethers from Hands of Hell, pretty much in quick succession. And let’s not forget about Ferostorm.

Still, this phase shouldn’t last too long. Once a bit more damage has been dished out, the two merge and you face the final part of this battle.


And this is effectively Garuda and Ifrit again, with only one target and with a few new attacks. Garuda and Ifrit’s individual attacks have sped up in how rapidly they’ll come out, so get used to taking tethers and then immediately dodging Ferostorm. As for those new attacks:

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Furor Garuda Ifrit Raktapaksa Eden's Verse

The floor is literally lava in this familiar-looking attack.

Massive fiery AoEs – Yeah, I have no name for this one, but it pops up periodically. There are a few safe spots dotted around the arena — run and find one before it goes off. Annoyingly, Raktapaksa usually likes to charge up another attack during this.
Hands of Flame – This is still a hard-hitting tankbuster, but now it also creates giant AoE zones everywhere except for the center column of the arena.
Conflag Strike – While Ifrit charges this up, there’ll be massive AoEs (both the aforementioned fiery ones and Eruption) going off everywhere. Avoid everything and then sprint behind Ifrit before the cast finishes. Conflag Strike hits roughly three-quarters of the arena.

There are a few other bits and pieces. Whenever Raktapaksa dashes — usually after Hands of Hell — there’ll be line AoEs going everywhere except for where the boss started. Nonetheless, that’s pretty much everything.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Furor Garuda Ifrit Raktapaksa Eden's Verse

Congrats: If you see this, you’ve beaten Garuda, Ifrit, Garuda and Ifrit, and Raktapaksa in one giant fight.

Eden’s Verse: Furor is, effectively, one long learning exercise with a test at the end. You start off learning Garuda and Ifrit individually. Then you take them on together, and then – finally – they merge into one being with all their old tricks and a few new ones. If Fulmination seemed like a busy fight full of movement, Furor is arguably more so.

For all of that, though? It’s still not actually that bad. You’ll be moving a lot and will want to make the best use you can of instant abilities, but as long as you don’t get unlucky with Eruption funneling you into a Ferostorm, you should survive this okay.

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