April 20th, 2017

Financial amputation: Surgeon Simulator 2013 launches at 30% off

Surgeon Simulator 2013

If you’ve watched today’s IncGamers Plays of Surgeon Simulator 2013 (and you should,) then you’ll know what to expect from this flawless videogame depiction of the pressures of surgery.

An early version of the title emerged from a game jam on the subject of ‘heartbeats’ and ‘board games’ (Operation being the obvious influence there,) and has now made it through Steam’s Greenlight process as a fully fledged release. It’s available on Valve’s digital platform from today, and has a 30% discount until 22 April (making it around $7.00 USD instead of $10.00 USD.)

This expanded version has multiple surgeries to try you unsteady hand at (Heart, Kidney and Brain transplants,) plus some advanced levels where you have to do the same surgery in the back of a moving ambulance. It’s … tricky.

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