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Fire Emblem Engage sends players around a world that consists of four primary regions. Each region has its own economy. Donations made to those economies earn players substantial rewards. Here is our guide to all donation rewards for every region in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Fire Emblem Engage: All donation rewards for every region

From Firene to Solm, each region offers unique rewards. These rewards include ingredients for recipes, Bond Fragments, and metals for crafting. To make the most of available donations, donate enough to earn the maximum donation rewards offered at level 5.

Fire Emblem Engage Donation Rewards Harvest Bounty

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One-time donation rewards are offered at each step along the way, from donation levels 2 to 5. There are 16 total reward payouts. They span the 4 regions. The full list, divided by region, follows below.

Firene Rewards

Improve and explore Firene to stock up on Oranges. Recipe ingredients are common in general.

  • Level 2 – Bond Fragments (500), Apple (5), Berries (5), Cabbage (5), Grapes (5), Herb (5), Nuts (5), Onion (5), Orange (5), Peach (5), Potato (5), Rare Fruit (10), Rare Vegetable (10), Tomato (5), Wheat Flour (5)
  • Level 3 – Bond Fragments (1,000), Floral Set, Steel Lance
  • Level 4 – Bond Fragments (2,000), Mere Donkey (2), Spear
  • Level 5 – Bond Fragments (3,000), Oceanic Set, Venomous

Brodia Rewards

Improve and explore Brodia to stock up on precious Iron, Steel, and Silver crafting materials.

  • Level 2 – Bond Fragments (500), Iron (10)
  • Level 3 – Bond Fragments (1,000), Steel (3), Cliff Set, Wo Dao
  • Level 4 – Bond Fragments (2,000), Rutile Marmot (2), Brave Sword, Silver
  • Level 5 – Bond Fragments (3,000), Silver (2), Divine Fist Art, Mica Set

Elusia Rewards

Improve and explore Elusia to stock up on Milk. Gold Corrupted skirmishes are common.

  • Level 2 – Bond Fragments (500), Physic
  • Level 3 – Bond Fragments (1,000), Bolganone, Snowy Set
  • Level 4 – Bond Fragments (2,000), Vervain Deer (2), Fortify
  • Level 5 – Bond Fragments (3,000), Nodus, Starry Set

Solm Rewards

Improve and explore Solm to stock up on Eggs. Silver Corrupted skirmishes are common.

  • Level 2 – Bond Fragments (500), Beef (5), Chicken (5), Cod (5), Eel (5), Eggs (5), Herring (5), Milk (5), Mutton (5), Pork (5), Rare Fish (10), Rice (5), Salmon (10)
  • Level 3 – Bond Fragments (1,000), Brave Axe, Dune Set
  • Level 4 – Bond Fragments (2,000), Tartu Flamingo (2), Silver Greataxe
  • Level 5 – Bond Fragments (3,000), Dusk Set, Fragarach
Fire Emblem Engage Donation Rewards Firene Level 5

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In addition to rewards, offering a donation to every region in Fire Emblem Engage lead to improved battle opportunities and item discovery. Skirmish effects generate more gold and experience. Exploration effects determine the quantity of items you find when clearing chapters, paralogues, and skirmishes. Donate early and often until you earn all donation rewards and effects in every region.

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Fire Emblem Engage can be purchased on the Nintendo Store.

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