Fire Emblem Engage Missable Character Jean
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As you work your way through the Fire Emblem Engage campaign, your army will swell with numerous allies. Not all of them are mandatory additions. Six characters can be missed entirely, which would be a shame. Here’s our guide on how to recruit the missable characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: How to recruit the missable characters

The rule to keep in mind is that if a character has dialogue when you interact with them, they’re either a target or a future ally. If your mission objective doesn’t require you to kill them, you probably have the option to recruit them.

You can recruit missable characters in two specific paralogues, and in chapters 9, 15, 18, and 19. Below are details on each character, along with the requirements to recruit them. They are listed in the order you can find them.

Fire Emblem Engage Missable Character Anna

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You’ll meet this young lad in the Chapter 6 paralogue, Budding Talent. Have Alear talk to him as you clear the village of threats to its citizens. He can grow into a powerful healer.

In the Chapter 7 paralogue, Mysterious Merchant, she hides in a treasure chest as the battle starts. Clear out the enemies and she joins you at the end. Anna has a nose for gold that aids future fundraising efforts.

Fire Emblem Engage Missable Character Jade

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As Chapter 9 begins, you find Jade fighting nearby enemies. Advance quickly to save her from those foes before their attacks overwhelm her. Then have Alear talk to her. She’ll join your crew.

Seadall appears in Chapter 15. Talk to him as you work your way through the corrupted ruins. He’ll help you navigate the cramped corridors. His useful Dance ability gives a nearby ally unit a second turn. He also can eliminate clouds of corruption.

Fire Emblem Engage Missable Character Lindon

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As you battle enemies on ships in Chapter 18, avoid killing Lindon. Instead, have Alear talk to him. The elderly warrior will join your team. He possesses powerful offensive magic.

The last missable character waits in Chapter 19. Have Alear talk to Saphir as early in the battle as possible. She’ll realize she has more reason to fight alongside you than against you.

If you’ve passed the point of no return with any of the above characters and don’t have an earlier save file, you won’t be able to add them to your army.

Note: For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides and features hub.

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