PC trading card game powered by “a patented augmented reality engine”, launching its Kickstarter today

Already a success throughout Europe, DRAKERZ-Confrontation, the first augmented reality game for PC, launches its Kickstarter campaign today to support the anticipated upcoming U.S. version. France-based PEOLEO Entertainment developed the game.

DRAKERZ-Confrontation unlocks a new experience for players and card collectors, combining a trading card game and a free-to-play online PC game via a patented augmented reality engine. In the game, players – or “Drakerz” – collect physical premium cards that are shown to players’ webcam to call legendary creatures known as Drakos to appear in an arena and fight virtually using augmented reality. Codes on the cards create animated sequences in players’ webcam video.  Point scoring and card cost is managed entirely by the computer, freeing the player to concentrate on combat.

“After building momentum through a successful launch last year in Europe, DRAKERZ-Confrontation is ready to expand its audience through a U.S. release,” said Benoit Coupez, CEO of PEOLEO Entertainment. “In order to broaden and enhance DRAKERZ-Confrontation, the funding from Kickstarter is crucial and we’re optimistic about the support we’ll receive from players.”

Each card has a special effect from creating armor to casting spells. Players determine their strategy based on the cards they select.

DRAKERZ-Confrontation is played entirely online – an Internet connection is required. In addition to multiplayer mode, DRAKERZ-Confrontation offers a variety of duels against the computer in the story mode. Players can log into their accounts and play from any PC with an Internet connection. For players without a webcam, an entirely virtual version is also available. For players without a PC, the game can be played offline using the cards.

The game is free to play with additional optional paid card purchases.

The game is 90 percent complete and has a beta live now via the Drakerz website or Steam. To complete this version of DRAKERZ-Confrontation, the company is seeking an initial $30,000 of funding for the 30-day Kickstarter project. If attained, the funds will be used primarily for art and engineering. The company has also included several stretch goals to make further enhancements.

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