First Elusive Target slinks into Hitman tomorrow

First Elusive Target slinks into Hitman tomorrow

The first Elusive Target will be sneaking their way into Hitman tomorrow, which should make it a Friday the 13th to remember.

In case you’ve forgotten how these work, here’s a brief overview: the Elusive Target is a one-off opportunity. They will only appear in your game once, ever. They will only be available as a target for a limited period of time (48 hours, in this case, giving you the weekend to make a killing). If you die during the mission or fail to take them out, you can never attempt to kill them again. If you succeed in taking them out, you can never attempt to kill them again. Basically: you get one shot (and hopefully, one kill).

Not only that, but they won’t show up on your minimap, they won’t show up in Instinct mode, and the game won’t tell you where they are. You’ll have to actually go and hunt them down using the limited intel you have available.

Apparently, future Elusive Targets won’t necessarily be heralded quite as loudly as this one, but Square Enix felt they’d be kind and give us some advance warning since this is the first. No word on who or what this Elusive Target is, but I’m betting it’s Jason Voorhees, since it’s Friday the 13th and all that. Although considering he still hasn’t bloody died even after far too many films, I’m not sure what chance 47 has.

I’m not sure whether this target will be popping up in Paris or Sapienza, but both are really good levels, so hey.

Hitman 6: Hitman is partially out now, as its levels are being released episodically. The first two are currently available, with the third – Marrakesh/Marrakech – due later this month.

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