First Modern Warfare 2 Details

The latest issue of US mag Game Informer contains the first details about the upcoming sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2.According to CVG, the mag states that the game will feature a longer single player campaign in which you take on the role of a new recruit. The main villain in the game is Makarov, an associate of Zakhaev from COD4.More “open-ended” gameplay is expected in the sequel, with players able to use a stealthy approach to missions if they choose. Modern Warfare 2 will also rely less heavily on scripted sequences meaning infinitely respawning enemies may just be a thing of the past. As we’d expect from such a robust game engine, the action will fly along at 60fps and environments will be more detailed than ever.Co-op has also been confirmed, although it will come in the form of standalone “Special Forces” missions as opposed to the full campaign co-op we saw in World at War.