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How to earn Research Points and Clan XP in Floodland

Class is in session.

Floodland takes place in a modern world ravaged by catastrophic climate change. Still, the survivors need to use their wits if they want to progress further. Here’s our Floodland guide to help you warn more Research Points and Clan XP using the Study, Academy, and Academic Debate.

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Floodland guide – How to earn more Research Points and Clan XP

Almost all the techs in Floodland require Research Points (i.e., circle with a diamond icon) just to get unlocked. You’ll also take note of the Study building chain in the tech tree’s Growth panel.

Moreover, early in your run, you’ll need to concern yourself with two more resources: Old World Relics (i.e., green circle with a star) and Textbooks. They’re normally found while searching ruins and abandoned houses, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

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So, how exactly do all these mechanics work? Well, let’s say you have a Study (or its upgraded variants):

  • Standard Mode – Available by default, this uses Old World Relics to generate a bunch of Research Points.
  • Academy – This consumes Textbooks to generate Clan XP (more on this later).
  • Academic Debate – This does not require other materials. As such, this becomes a reliable option when trying to earn Research Points in Floodland. Unfortunately, these are only added in small amounts even if the buildings are fully-staffed. This makes the whole process quite tedious, creating a bottleneck where you can’t “tech up” due to lacking the required points.
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Clan XP in Floodland is used to create specialists. They can be assigned to buildings with the relevant slots, providing extra production/gathering capabilities compared to regular staff. You can find this menu by clicking the Clan Profile button in the lower-left corner of your screen. These are the specialist options and the types of high-tier resource buildings they can be assigned to:

  • Discipline – Scrap, wood, rubble, and coal.
  • Erudition – Water, herbs, medicine, research, and concrete.
  • Expression – Safe Food.
  • Fortitude – Safe Food, fish, rubbish, scrap, and coal.
  • Precision – Soybeans and plastic.

Note: You don’t necessarily “level-up” an individual survivor. Rather, as long as you have an extra point in a specialization, you can add one worker to a relevant slot.

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Floodland is available via Steam.

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