September 5th, 2017

Football Manager 2015 gets pack shot – Beta 2 weeks before release

football manager 2015

Football Manager 2015 will be releasing in few months and there are more details coming soon.

Nothing like a good Football Manager pack shot, which usually involves a manager and some players kicking a ball or jumping around. What else can you put on it really?

Today SI posted the box art and an update to say that there will be more game  feature information coming some time in October prior to the game’s release in November. We do know there’s an improved match engine, a tactical overhaul, and more realistic transfers and contracts. In other words it’s supposed to be better than last year’s.

There’s also the opportunity to pick the game up with 10% off either from the SEGA Store and there’s also early access to the Beta version when it’s released.

According to SI’s Miles Jacobson the beta will start two weeks before the game releases which would mean around the end of October, but a final November release date has still to be set by SI.

Peter will be our man to take this year’s challenge and hopefully this version will impress him a little more than last year’s.

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