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The fan favorite Marvel character Groot has made an appearance in the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Battle Pass. Likewise, players received a series of challenges to complete which unlock further cosmetics. Also, fans will be able to locate a baby Groot, which can be used as back bling. To access the Fortnite Groot challenges, you will have to level up your Battle Pass to tier 46. To level it up quicker, you can complete the other hero awakening challenges including those for She-Hulk and Storm. Overall, the Groot challenges are pretty straight forward, and just require you to plant a seed, emote at a monument, and rescue a sapling baby Groot.

To begin, equip the Groot skin from your locker and queue into a match. The first step is to locate the heart shaped island where the seed must be planted. If you were not already aware, the island is located off the coast of the mainland on the west side of the map, past Sweaty Sands. Once you arrive on the island, you will notice a small patch of dirt. Interact with it to plant the seed.

Fortnite Groot Challenges heart island

Following this, you will need to find the Friendship Monument. The monument is two statues giving each other a high-five. It can be found on the piece of land between Sweaty Sands and Coral Castle. Once there, get close to the monument and perform an emote to complete the challenge. Also, a rocket raccoon will fly around your character, indicating that the Battle Brother emote has been unlocked.

Fortnite Groot Challenges

Where is baby Groot?

The final Fortnite Groot challenge requires you to rescue a sapling Groot. Baby Groot is a rare collectible back bling which can be equipped to any character. To rescue baby Groot, make your way to the garden center store in the southern corner of Holly Hedges. You will find baby Groot in between the three potted trees. Just interact with the Groot and the challenges will be complete.


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