Fortnite X Fallout
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Fortnite x Fallout: Release date, skins, and event pass details

Be ready for your trip into the Wasteland.

Out of the blue, Fortnite confirmed that they’ll be collaborating with Fallout – something fans have been pining for since the show came out. Here’s everything we know so far.

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We know that Chapter 5 Season 3 is named “Wrecked,” which seems the perfect theme for adding Fallout to Fortnite. It seems that the wrath of the Gods has left Fortnite worse for ware.

Fortnite x Fallout release date

Currently, all we have about the Fortnite x Fallout collab is one Fortnite X post teasing it. More details will doubtless come, but right now, we have no solid release date for the event.

Chapter 5 Season 3 will start on May 24, although that’s not likely when the collab will begin. Like the Avatar event, it’ll likely happen mid-season. Considering we’re getting teasers about it before Season 3 has begun, however, we may get it sooner rather than later.

As soon as get an official or leaked announcement for the release date, I’ll update this section.

Fortnite x Fallout skins

As the Fortnite x Fallout collab has just been teased, we have no information on the skins. No official or leaker outlet has divulged info on the skins that will be available, and as soon as they do, I’ll be updating this section immediately.

We can speculate that skins from the Fallout Show will be included, however, given its huge success. Many Fortnite players have likely watched the show but not played the games, so I’m expecting a lot of show content to make it into the collab.

Considering the other Fortnite games (LEGO, Festival, and Rocket Racing), we will likely get items, cosmetics, and skins for those events, too.

From the teaser image, we know that the infamous power suits will be added, but whether it’s a skin or something to be found in-game is unconfirmed.

Fortnite x Fallout event pass

As you could probably predict at this point – we also have no information about the event pass.

We can expect it to mirror the Avatar event pass, where new POI, items, and weapons are added to the Fortnite map for us to interact with to complete missions. Until more information is available, I can only provide speculation.

The teaser image also shows us a new POI, although it’s difficult to discern any details about it other than it looks rather “Fallouty.” An eagle-eyed fan noticed that the POI has a spectogram symbol on it, hinting at The Wanderer.

As soon as we get any official or leaked information regarding the event pass, I’ll update this section.

I’m incredibly excited about this event and will be keeping up-to-date with all information to update this guide at the earliest opportunity.

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