Frogster Announces Runes Of Magic’s Pet System

Frogster has announced that a new pet system will be introduced to Runes of Magic in the game’s next expansion. The update, known as Warnorken Castle, will bring with it over 100 virtual pets with a range of new functions. Players must complete a specific quest and kill a named NPC to get access to these creatures. Once the pets are summoned, a wide range of skills open up, but these pets can also be cared for and even combined.   These pets can also be given various attributes such as experience, talent and loyalty which directly have different effects on players’ characters. For example, a loyal pet may attack an opponent. The happier a pet is, the better it will be in battle or at producing crafting materials. Pets will also grant their owners buffs during combat depending on their attributes. Characters can have up to six pets at the start, and can summon any one of them at a time, but two extra slots will be activated in the future.