Further GTA 5 PC details revealed by Rockstar

Further GTA 5 PC details revealed by Rockstar
Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5
Like this, but prettier.

The semi-inevitable confirmation of GTA 5 on PC arrived last night at E3, but was a bit lacking in specific information. Rockstar has now put up a general tour through the improvements that the PC version will bring to the game, which isn’t exactly in-depth either. Better than nothing though.

Seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see some system specs for the game, but it’s clear from what Rockstar has to say that there will be significant graphical improvements over the prior console releases.

Expect “across-the-board graphical and technical improvements to deliver a stunning new level of detail.” A bit more specifically, Rockstar mentions “Increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions” for this new version of GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto Online on PC will have “an extensive array of new Jobs, an arsenal of new weapons, scores of new vehicles, new properties and player customizations,” plus “a video editor designed for advanced movie-making.”

If you have a GTA Online character on Xbox 360 or PS3, Rockstar says you’ll be able to transfer it to the PC version (as you can with PS4/Xbox One as well.)

Here’s the announcement trailer once again, in case you missed it. GTA 5 will be out on PC this autumn.

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