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G.Skill is already cooking up some low latency CL32 DDR5-6400

Another step towards new performance tiers.

It seems like the build up to DDR5 took forever, and perhaps that’s because it did. It’s weird to finally be writing about products entering the market based on this new standard, but the availability is improving, and the announcements keep coming. G.Skill revealed its hand this week, teasing an upcoming low latency, high speed DDR5 kit capable of 6400MT/s with CAS Latencies as low as 32-39-39-102 at 1.4V.

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Overall, this sounds like a tangible step up from what’s currently on the current market, so the future sounds fast. The DDR5 products that are already out are understandably spec’d to the lower end of the JEDEC standards. This is no surprise, as it took a while for DDR4 to become indecisively better than DDR3 memory back when it launched too. The resulting gaming performance of basic DDR5-4800 kits tends to be comparable with various DDR4 kits, at least those with lower latencies and with clock speeds above 3200.


This new DDR5 kit from G.Skill might begin to differentiate the two generations of DRAM, though, we’ll only know for sure when the review benchmarks come out. Aside from the expectation of better gaming performance, this kit also looks like a high quality product with stainless steel on black or all-black color schemes plus the RGB lighting. Potential buyers will be able to pick these kits up in 2x16GB configurations. We’ll keep a lookout for higher capacity configurations in the future, as DDR5 can be configured up to 128GB capacities on systems.

Speeding along

If you caught our previous coverage on DDR5 back last year, you’ll know we should soon expect more announcements like this one from G.Skill. For instance, Adata teased its plans to eventually release high-end kits capable of reaching speeds up to 12,600MT/s. Now that sounds fast enough to make a difference.

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