GOG has announced this week’s lineup of old titles to be added to the download service.Continuing the Month of Activision, this week will see the addition of Gabriel Knight 2, King’s Quest 4+5+6, and Call to Power 2 added to the service.Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, added today, continues the adventures of Gabriel Knight as he moves from voodoo murders in New Orleans to a Bavarian murder that locals believe was committed by a werewolf. It switched the gorgeous 2D art out in favour of FMV, creating one of the few decent FMV games out there.In other point and click news, King’s Quest 4+5+6 will be available later this week in one bundle, letting players help Rosella save her father, help Graham defeat Mordack, and help Alexander find his lost love.Finally, this week will also see the addition of Call to Power 2, the sequel to the Civilization spin-off series that spans from 4000BC to 2300AD.Gabriel Knight 2 and Call to Power 2 will each cost $5.99 USD, while the King’s Quest pack will cost $9.99 USD. Not bad for that much gaming.Still no Police Quest pack but Andy’s tears supposedly have medicinal properties, so I’m not complaining.The Gabriel Knight 2 screenshot above is courtesy of Mobygames.

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