GDC: New Games For Windows LIVE Features Announced

Microsoft has revealed details of new features set to be included in its Games for Windows LIVE software.In a presentation at San Francisco’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), the publisher stressed how the new features will enhance users’ experience of the software.New Features:Anti-piracy Solution: Zero-day piracy protection and server-side authentication help prevent game piracy before street date, and protect publishers and consumers by requiring authentication for online play.
In-game Marketplace: New Marketplace APIs let developers create unique in-game store fronts and experiences surrounding the sale of additional content, providing developers and publishers with new revenue streams, and consumers with a seamless gaming experience.
Roaming: PC gamers can now save their personal settings back to their Games for Windows – LIVE account in the cloud, providing access to their settings on any compatible and connected Windows PC.
“This update and other features currently in development represent a tipping point in the evolution of Games for Windows – LIVE as a leading online PC gaming network,” said Games for Windows – LIVE’s  Ron Pessner.“In the coming months, we will continue to deliver on our promise to provide gamers and publishers with the industry’s best connected gaming experiences through the LIVE service.”