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Genesis Alpha One Ship Planning Tips For New Explorers

The universe in Genesis Alpha One is an extremely dangerous place. One wrong move can lead to disaster, so it helps to be prepared for what’s coming. The best way to do this is to get several hours under your belt so that you know what to expect. Or, you can just read these handy tips and go in knowing how to get around some of the game’s more devious challenges.

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In this guide, we’re going to be focusing on ship planning and defenses. Knowing what’s coming is always important for success in a rogue-lite, and Genesis Alpha One is no different.

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You’re gonna be spending an awful lot of time on the shipbuilding screen.

Ship Planning Basics

The game walks you through some of the basics during your first run, but it takes practice to make a cohesive ship. One thing to keep in mind early on is to always use corridors to connect your different modules. Each corridor creates three new openings, and they’re perfect for making new storage and deposit modules. They’re also great for elevators, which will make it easier to access your modules without running around too much.

It also helps to keep your tractor beam module isolated from the rest of the ship. This module is the most at-risk for infestation. Having it lead directly to open areas means more room for aliens to make new breeding grounds. You also need to make sure that your ship isn’t too wide, as this can cause the exits of new modules to become nonfunctional. There’s limited space for module placements, so the more room you leave yourself, the easier time you’ll have.

It’s daunting to have to set up how you want your ship, but with some thought and practice, it’ll eventually be second nature. Just make sure you don’t skip on those pathways. You can really create a giant mess trying to make up for your lack of space later. Towards the end of my second run, my ship was practically a labyrinth, so being practical and thoughtful can make things much easier in the long run.

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Ships can get very big very quickly, so you need to be able to defend them.

Setting Up Defenses

If you play smart, you won’t get a lot of visitors on board your ship. But it still pays to be able to keep modules safe. However, the highest priority should be on the tractor beam room, since it’s a primary entry point. I find it imperative to always wait in the tractor beam room while I’m beaming debris aboard, as I can immediately shoot any small aliens who sneak in. However, aliens can beam in to either the top of the beaming platform or underneath it, so it helps to place turret in both areas. This will prevent most aliens from making their home in your maintenance tunnels.

Energy shields blocking that area’s exits can also be extremely helpful, as will having a security checkpoint module between your tractor beam and whatever it’s connected to. You should also try to have crew members set up in each module, as they’ll defend it if need be. More important modules, such as the greenhouse, are also ideal places for turrets, as your crew members can get killed and leave their modules exposed.

It is important to try and cast a wide net with your defenses. The game doesn’t necessarily tell you where other enemies may be hiding, which can result in you running around like a chicken with its head cut off in an attempt to locate them. Losing control of your ship to these invaders is without a doubt the biggest threat you’ll face in the entire game.

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The right weapon can make or break you.

Pick The Gun That Best Fits Your Play Style

Genesis Alpha One has an array of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and other firearms that are necessary for gathering resources and defending your ship. I personally found the shotgun to be the best all-around weapon, but your results may vary. Building better versions of your workstation module will also allow you to make better versions of guns.

The workstation module is also where you’ll be getting most of your ammo. It always pays to have plenty of ammunition available at all times, which you’ll need to make with specific ores. Lithium and sulfur, in particular, are great to have in reserve, as they make rifle and shotgun ammo. The workstation is also where you’ll make more turrets, which you can carry around with you and place at a moment’s notice.

Players should also make sure to keep an eye open for sites on planets. These can give all new weapons to try out, as can killing armed enemies. Unlocking and trying out these new guns will let you stand a better chance against the enemies in the critical areas if you decide to try your luck in those. Remember, any items you’ve found will unlock upon victory or death.

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