Genshin Impact: All-Devouring Narwhal weekly boss guide

All Devouring Narwhal Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact has a number of weekly bosses with challenging battles to overcome to receive some important ascension materials. The All-Devouring Narwhal is a new boss introduced in Fontaine. Here’s how to beat the All-Devouring Narwhal in Genshin Impact.

All-Devouring Narwhal Genshin Impact guide

The All-Devouring Narwhal is the climactic fight of Fontaine, and I found it to be one of the easier weekly bosses in the game. You have to be Adventure Rank 40 or above to Quick Challenge this boss, or, you have to have completed Fontaine’s entire Archon Quest storyline. This boss has high resistance against the Electro and Hydro elements, so try to avoid bringing any characters of those respective elements to this fight.

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This boss fight has two phases. The first phase is relatively easy. The narwhal will perform some scripted attacks, diving into the water and back out. You can only attack the narwhal when it’s surfaced. Otherwise, you’ll just have to dodge its attacks.

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The narwhal’s attacks can be avoided by dodging any white circles that appear throughout the fight. Large and small white circles will indicate areas where the whale might shoot out a geyser, or an area where the whale will crash into for a devastating attack. Avoid what I did and properly dodge the narwhal as it crashes into you, by the way! You can definitely get one of your characters one-shotted if you fail to dodge an attack.

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After you lower the narwhal’s HP enough, it will literally consume you and direct you to the second phase of the fight, where you have to fight a “shadow clone.” This takes the form of an intimidating boss, but its attacks are easily dodged and premeditated.

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Eventually, the shadow clone will engulf itself in a large black sphere. You’ll have to use a Pneuma or Ousia attack to dispel this sphere, or the boss will summon numerous monsters that can deal devastating damage to you.

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After defeating the shadow clone, the narwhal will exhaust itself, lying defenseless on the ground for you to defeat. (Note: If you want some free Primogems, you can actually let the narwhal regain some of its strength by not attacking it. If you do this, you can get swallowed up a second time, which will unlock an achievement that rewards 10 Primogems.)

Wriothesley Genshin Impact ascension materials
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Using a Pneuma or Ousia character is not strictly necessary, but it is useful to skip some phases of the fight and speed up your clear. However, keep in mind, that this boss has high resistance against Hydro and Electro characters. That cuts a lot of our viable Pneuma and Ousia character options, including Neuvillette and the Hydro Traveler. As such, here are some recommended characters for you to use during this fight:

  • Wriothesley, Lynette, Lyney, Charlotte, and Freminet are all Pneuma / Ousia characters that you can bring to this fight. Wriothesley will likely be your best bet as a main DPS character who can also deal devastating attacks against the boss. Lyney is also an excellent option, especially as a Bow character who can more easily hit the boss as it weaves in and out of the battlefield. Charlotte is a healer, so she’s also an easy character to bring.
  • Furina, Neuvillette, or the Hydro Traveler will work in a pinch. Just don’t expect them to deal high amounts of damage against the boss. You’ll want to bring these characters alongside a DPS character who can deal with the boss.

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