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Genshin Impact: Best Build for Lyney – weapons & artifacts

A simple hat trick.

Lyney is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact and the first new 5-star character hailing from Fontaine. Despite Fontaine’s status as the land of the Hydro element, Lyney is a Pyro character himself, specializing in wielding a bow and firing charged shots at unsuspecting enemies. His gameplay revolves around unleashing devastating charged shots at enemies, dealing insane Pyro damage, and he only gets stronger paired with the best weapons and artifacts. Here is our guide on Lyney and his best build in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact: Lyney best weapons guide

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The best build for Lyney in Genshin Impact starts with choosing his best weapon. Lyney has plenty of options for you to choose from, allowing players to deal damage with plenty of different choices. Here are some of your best options:

The First Great Magic – This is Lyney’s signature 5-star weapon, available on the Weapon Event banner alongside Lyney himself. This bow is excellent for any character who utilizes charged attacks, meaning you can even get value from this weapon for an older character, like Ganyu. This weapon increases Lyney’s Crit DMG by a significant amount, while also increasing the damage from charged attacks by 16%. This weapon also increases your ATK and movement speed stats based on how many party members have the same element as you, up to 3.

Scion of the Blazing Sun – This is the new Battle Pass weapon, available for players who purchase the Battle Pass and reach tier 30. This 4-star weapon is a solid budget weapon for Lyney, increasing his Crit Rate and causing an enemy to take 28% more Charged Attack DMG from Lyney.

Prototype Crescent – This is Lyney’s best free-to-play weapon, increasing his ATK by a significant amount. This weapon also has a passive that increases his ATK even further after Lyney hits a weakpoint on an enemy, which is only possible while using charged attacks.

Genshin Impact: Lyney best artifacts guide

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Marechaussee Hunter – This difficult-to-pronounce artifact set is new to Fontaine and has effects that greatly benefit Lyney. The 2-piece effect increases his Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 15%, while the 4-piece effect increases his Crit Rate by 12% after his current HP increases or decreases, up to 3 times. Lyney actually has some HP-draining mechanics built into his kit, so you should reliably be getting some free Crit Rate while using this set.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence – If you already have a strong artifact set elsewhere, it may not be worth farming for new artifacts in the new domain. The Shimenawa’s Reminiscence is effective in increasing Lyney’s damage, as it will increase his ATK by 18% and his Charged Attack DMG by a potential 50% if his Elemental Burst gauge is full.

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