Genshin Impact Genius Invokation Best Character Cards Guide
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The Genius Invokation TCG in Genshin Impact pits your deck against your opponent’s. Since each match limits you to just three select heroes, you’ll need to make sure that the folks to choose are up to the task. Here’s our Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG best Character Cards guide to help you pick the right fighters for the job.

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Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG best Character Cards guide

The best Genius Invokation Character Cards in Genshin Impact needs to have the following traits:

  • A skill or burst that can hit additional enemies through effects/procs.
  • Decent synergy with other Character Cards and Support Cards. That also means reliable elemental reactions.
  • Not necessarily a healer, since needing to heal implies that you’re on the losing end.


To be clear, Kaeya isn’t necessary the single best Genius Invokation Character Card in Genshin Impact. Rather, he’s the most beginner-friendly, as he’s immediately available from the get-go. As such, you’d probably use him often to beat most opponents in a Friendly Fracas for their rewards. The idea here is to cast Glacial Waltz ASAP (4x Cryo/Omni and 2x Energy). The initial damage is weak, but he’ll fire off three projectiles, each dealing +2 damage whenever you swap characters. That means abusing the mechanic, which only costs a single die, or maybe even free if you’ve got the right Support Cards.

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Ayaka is quite a valuable character to have not necessarily because of her elemental skill or burst (though those are okay, too). Rather, it’s due to her passive, Kamisato Art Senho. It gives her normal attack Cryo Infusion the moment you swap to her, which implies the need for Support Cards like When the Crane Returned. With Cryo Infusion, you can do a cheap normal attack to trigger elemental reactions like Melt, Superconduct, and Freeze.

Keqing or Fischl

Keqing is a top-tier DPS in this minigame, even if it’s a far-cry from her normal ranking in battles. What makes her unique is that her Stellar Restoration adds the Lightning Stiletto card to your hand. Using it while she’s the active character makes her cast her elemental skill once more. Conversely, using it when she’s not the active character immediately switches her to the forefront. This leads to good synergy with Kaeya since the swap also procs his burst’s projectile. It gets even better once she uses her deadly burst (4x Electro/Omni and 3x Energy). It does +4 Electro damage to the main unit, and +3 Piercing damage to all enemies on standby.

Fischl, meanwhile, has Nightrider, which summons Oz. Her friendly raven acts as an auto-turret, hitting enemies for a couple of instances.

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There are three Hydro characters with cards: Mona, Xingqiu, or Barbara. If you really need to have one in matches, then Mona’s a good bet because of Mirror Reflection of Doom. It deals Hydro damage and decreases the active character’s damage taken by one point. Her burst, though, is significantly powerful, but it’s also really expensive since you need to cast her skill for a proc. At the very least, her own Hydro application from the skill can help if you want to get Freeze reactions.


I do consider Ganyu has one of the best Character Cards in Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation game. First, there’s her Trail of the Qilin (3x Cryo/Omni), with the Ice Lotus effect that’s akin to Mona’s Reflection (i.e., one point of damage reduction). Her Frostflake Arrow bloom shot, while costly (5x Cryo/Omni), does +2 Cryo damage and +2 Piercing damage to other characters on standby. And, to top it all off, there’s her Celestial Shower burst (3x Cryo and 2x Energy), which is very cost-effective. It deals +1 Cryo damage and +1 Piercing damage to standby units, while summoning a Sacred Cryo Pearl. This deals the same amount of damage at the end of your phase and it has two charges.

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Sucrose is your starter Anemo character, and she’s got better functions compared to Jean. Both her normal attack and skill deal Anemo damage, which means an easy Swirl reaction that hits all foes. Likewise, her skill (which costs a measly 3x Anemo/Omni), does more damage and swaps the target with the previous character. Both the AI and players will definitely switch units that are already beaten up, so you could get a lucky break when that becomes the active character once more.

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Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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