Genshin Impact: Best Kaveh build – weapons & artifacts

Kaveh Best Build Genshin Impact
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Kaveh is a 4-star character introduced to Genshin Impact in Version 3.6 and functions as a DPS carry a character, able to infuse his Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks with the Dendro element. Kaveh was introduced to the game at the end of Sumeru’s Archon Quest, revealed as Alhaitham’s close confidant and roommate. Kaveh is not one to be shown up by his bickering duo, however, with a similar playstyle as his roommate as an enabler of many Dendro reactions, particularly with Bloom and Hyperbloom. Kaveh uses his architectural skills in battle, and you can help him create a startling offense with the best build. Here is our guide on Kaveh’s best build in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Kaveh best weapons guide

Kaveh Best Weapons Genshin Impact

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The best build for Kaveh in Genshin Impact starts with choosing a solid weapon. Fortunately, Kaveh is free-to-play friendly, with many of his best options being 4-star weapons. Here are your best options:

Mailed Flower – The Mailed Flower was a free-to-play weapon released during a prior event. It boosts Elemental Mastery by 110 and ATK by 564 at Level 90, with an additional 24% ATK and 96 EM buff if you maxed out the refinement on this weapon’s passive. Kaveh takes great advantage of Elemental Mastery in most of his builds, so a total 206 EM buff on him with a very easy condition to fulfill is massive.

Rainslasher – If you weren’t able to acquire the Mailed Flower, the Rainslasher is also a viable weapon to choose. This weapon nearly matches the Mailed Flower’s EM buff, reaching 165 at Level 90 without any conditions. Additionally,  it boosts damage against enemies affected by Hydro or Electro by upwards of 36%, which is helpful if you are playing a Spread team.

Forest Regalia – The Forest Regalia is a Sumeru-craftable weapon that is useful if you aren’t able to maximize Kaveh’s Energy Recharge. Kaveh’s burst is quite expensive, so building some Energy Recharge on him is necessary. As such, this weapon can help bridge that gap with a 30% boost to his Energy Recharge at Level 90. This weapon also has a unique passive, dropping a “leaf” anytime you trigger a Dendro reaction. When you pick up the leaf, you will gain 60 Elemental Mastery.

Genshin Impact: Kaveh best artifacts guide

Kaveh Best Artifacts Genshin Impact

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Deepwood Memories or Gilded Dreams – Generally, for Dendro-DPS teams, you will want at least two Dendro users on a team. With this in mind, you want one Dendro user to wear a Deepwood Memories set and one to wear a Gilded Dreams set. Preferably, you can run the Gilded Dreams set on him and a Deepwood Memories set on a teammate like Collei or Nahida, as the Gilded Dreams set can buff his Elemental Mastery significantly.

Flowers of Paradise Lost – This artifact set also boosts Kaveh’s Elemental Mastery significantly and boosts the damage of Bloom reactions by 40%. Generally, you will want to run Kaveh in a Bloom team, so running this artifact set is also highly recommended.

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