Genshin Impact Unlock Dragonspine Statue Of The Seven Ancient Rime

There’s a new area that you can explore in the world of Teyvat. It’s none other than Dragonspine and it’s been added as part of Genshin Impact‘s 1.2 update. Here’s our guide to help you unlock it.

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Genshin Impact: Dragonspine’s Statue of the Seven and Ancient Rime

Once you open Genshin Impact‘s world map, you’ll notice a new location just south of Monstadt. This is Dragonspine, and you can make your way to it as soon as you’re able to. However, do try to bear in mind that a mechanic called “Sheer Cold” will affect your characters. If it becomes too unbearable, your characters will slowly lose HP and freeze to death. We’ve got some tips to help you keep warm so you can survive the journey.

Anyway, once you look at Dragonspine’s peak, you’ll see a red beam cast towards the sky. That’s the Statue of the Seven, and we’ll want to reach it.

Gen Pct Drg Stat7

Traverse the mountain pass, using all the methods to nullify the effects of Sheer Cold. Eventually, you should reach the Statue of the Seven.

Sadly, it looks like it’s covered in something called “Ancient Rime.” These ice blocks are found all over the region and regular attacks, as well as Pyro damage, won’t be able to destroy them.

Genshin Impact Unlock Dragonspine Statue Of The Seven Ancient Rime 1

What you’ll need to do is look for a blood-red mineral node. This nets you Scarlet Quartz and a temporary warming buff.

You’ll notice red energy swirling around your character to signify that the warming buff is still active.

Genshin Impact Unlock Dragonspine Statue Of The Seven Ancient Rime 2

While you have the warming buff, quickly go back to the Statue of the Seven. Use your attacks to destroy the Ancient Rime that’s covering it to unlock the statue. This will let you see the entire Dragonspine area and all teleport waypoints to help with exploration.

Of course, if you encounter other locations with Ancient Rime, simply find the nearest Scarlet Quartz node to ensure that you’ve got the warming buff to help break it. You might find treasure chests hidden within these blocks after destroying them.

Genshin Impact Unlock Dragonspine Statue Of The Seven Ancient Rime 3a

Anyway, now that you’ve unlocked Dragonspine’s Statue of the Seven, you might want to do a bit of exploring. If you check the nearby cavern, you’ll see that a wind barrier prevents you from venturing further.

This starts a quest called “In The Mountains.” Eventually, it’ll lead you to the Peak of Vindagnyr, Genshin Impact‘s newest domain. Head over to our Peak of Vindagnyr/In The Mountains guide if you need help with all the puzzles and rewards.

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