Genshin Impact Floral Courtyard Guide

Genshin Impact: The Floral Courtyard guide

Flower power!

The Floral Courtyard is another activity in Genshin Impact. It requires you to create various arrangements based on a picture, though hints will also get revealed in time. Here’s our Genshin Impact The Floral Courtyard guide to help you with your tasks and rewards.

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Genshin Impact The Floral Courtyard guide

To gain access to The Floral Courtyard in Genshin Impact, you’ll first need to complete True Tales Act 3: A New Painting in Pale Scarlet. Just like the previous quest, this requires you to talk to characters (i.e., Kazuha and Ayaka).

When that’s done, you’ll receive another quest called Floral Courtyard: Part 1. You’ll then need to Inazuma City to meet an NPC named Fushizome.

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Floral Courtyard arrangements and hints

The Floral Courtyard activity in Genshin Impact has fairly straightforward mechanics. There are four arrangements that are subsequently unlocked once you complete the previous task. In each task, you’ll need to select the correct component depending on the theme and image.

The base and the floral scene each have four options to choose from. The remaining are flowers that are placed in six positions (i.e., front-left, back-right, and so on), with different heights that can be toggled (i.e., short, medium, or tall).

Genshin Impact Floral Courtyard Guide 1

Here’s the fun part: you don’t actually need to put in a lot of effort. That’s because a hint for each task will become available after 60 seconds elapse. You’ll reach this time limit more often than not, especially if you’re rechecking the image anyway. As such, it’s better to just wait and see what else you’ll need to complete the arrangement.

Here’s an example using the third arrangement (i.e., The jade leaves do repose, the flowers are born in the wind):

  • Base – Wild Laurel
  • Floral Scene – Verdant Leaves
  • Front-left – Promise of Blue Skies (short)
  • Front-center – Silhouette of Wind’s Reverie (medium)
  • Front-right – Promise of Blue Skies (short)
  • Back-left – Sunset Shadows (medium)
  • Back-center – Silhouette of the Wind’s Reverie (tall)
  • Back-right – Promise of Blue Skies (medium)

Genshin Impact Floral Courtyard Guide 2

When you’re done with each arrangement in The Floral Courtyard activity in Genshin Impact, don’t forget to check the corresponding event panel. You can pick up rewards, such as primogems and mora. However, the unique rewards here are the pots. Likewise, you may use the floral themes in your Serenitea Pot.

Note: Make sure you also do the Clash of Lone Blades activity, which is a series of duels against elite samurai.

Genshin Impact Floral Courtyard Guide 3

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