Genshin Impact: Perilous Trail event guide

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Perilous Trail event shop and rewards

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The Perilous Trail event shop in Genshin Impact uses a currency called Moonlit Cragstone. It’s primarily obtained from the Realms of Guile and War challenges.


Here are the rewards seen under the Moonlit Cragstone Exchange tab:

Reward Moonlit Cragstone Cost Purchase Limit
Crown of Insight 500 1
Glowing Gem – Fading Twilight refinement material 800 2
Liyue weapon ascension materials (rare/blue) 15 12
Liyue weapon ascension materials (epic/purple) 45 4
Liyue talent leveling materials (rare/blue) 20 9
Liyue talent leveling materials (rare/blue) 60 3
Hero’s Wit 10 60
Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 60
10,000 Mora 10 60

Note 1: As of now, only one tab is available. We’ve yet to see if additional reward tabs are added as the event enters another phase in the coming days.

Note 2: The Fading Twilight and the Glowing Gem refinement material can be obtained during this event. We also discuss if the weapon is viable in a separate guide.

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