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All you Genshin Impact players, get your fishing poles ready. Developer miHoYo recently released details on an upcoming Lunar Realm event in Genshin Impact, which utilizes the new fishing feature through its blog. The event will involve an Inazuman fisherwoman, Kujirai Momoji, as she seeks to capture a legendary fish known as the “Lunar Leviathan.”

Kujirai is assembling a team of fishers to reel in the big one, giving you the opportunity to help out. There’s plenty of rewards to earn along the way. Players can pick up Primogems, Mora, and an exclusive fishing rod, to name a few. In order to line your pockets with more gems for upcoming characters, get ready to hone your fishing skills.


Hunting for the Lunar Leviathan in Genshin Impact – Lunar Realm

The event will require you to undergo several fishing-related tasks, as you use certain baits and rods to catch different fish. Complete these tasks within a certain time limit to maximize your rewards. The faster you complete them, the more you earn. You can earn up to 420 Primogems this event, alongside a bundle of Hero’s Wits and Sanctifying Unions (items that grant lots of experience for artifacts).

This event is also a great excuse to start building up your fish collection or work on obtaining the new weapon, The Catch. The Catch is a great free-to-play polearm that fits many characters like Xiangling or Raiden Shogun. In other words, now that there are primos involved, there’s really no reason to procrastinate any longer. (I may be projecting a little. You can check out our guide in completing The Catch here.)

Lunar Realm will begin on September 10 and end 10 days later on September 20. New tasks will unlock over the course of a week, with seven tasks to complete throughout the event. Additionally, you must be Adventure Rank 30 to participate in this event, and you must have completed the quests “Ritou Escape Plan” and “Exploding Population.”

Genshin Impact Fishing 2

A list of rewards you can get during this Genshin Impact fishing event.

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