Genshin Impact: Tome of the Eternal Flow weapon guide – How to get it, ascension materials

Genshin Impact Version 4.1
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Genshin Impact has a huge catalogue of different weapons to summon for and collect in the game. In Genshin Impact Version 4.1, players can look to obtain the Tome of Eternal Flow weapon, a 5-star Catalyst and Neuvillette’s signature weapon. This weapon is designed to work best with Neuvillette, but strong stats and a unique passive can be an asset to any Genshin Impact character. Here’s our guide on the Tome of the Eternal Flow weapon in Genshin Impact.

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How to get the Tome of Eternal Flow weapon in Genshin Impact

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This weapon can be obtained on the Weapon Event Wish banner as a limited-time weapon. Traditionally, 5-star weapons are paired up with their signature 5-star character. The Tome of the Eternal Flow is Neuvillette’s signature weapon, so you can expect to be able to pull this weapon when Neuvillette is a featured character in the Character Event Wish banner. Be on the lookout for Neuvillette’s Character Event Wish banner if you want to obtain this weapon.

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Tome of the Eternal Flow’s stats

  • Base Attack: 44 – 542
  • Substat: Crit DMG%
  • Substat Values: 19% – 88%
  • Passive: Aeon Wave: “HP is increased by 16%. When current HP increases or decreases, Charged Attack DMG will be increased by 14% for 4s. Max 3 stacks. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3s. When the character has 3 stacks or a third stack’s duration refreshes, 8 Energy will be restored. This Energy restoration effect can be triggered once every 12s.”

Tome of the Eternal Flow ascension materials

  • Level 20 – 40: x5 Dross of the Pure Sacred Dewdrop, x5 Rift Core, x3 Meshing Gear, x10,000 Mora
  • Level 40 – 50: x5 Sublimation of the Pure Sacred Dewdrop, x18 Rift Core, x12 Meshing Gear, x20,000 Mora
  • Level 50 – 60: x9 Sublimation of the Pure Sacred Dewdrop, x9 Foreign Synapse, x9 Mechanical Spur Gear, x30,000 Mora
  • Level 60 – 70: x5 Spring of the Pure Sacred Dewdrop, x18 Foreign Synapse, x14 Mechanical Spur Gear, x45,000 Mora
  • Level 70 – 80: x9 Spring of the Pure Sacred Dewdrop, x14 Alien Life Core, x9 Artificed Dynamic Gear, x55,000 Mora
  • Level 80 – 90: x6 Essence of the Pure Sacred Dewdrop, x27 Alien Life Core, x18 Artificed Dynamic Gear, x65,000 Mora

Tome of the Eternal Flow synergies

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  • Neuvillette: This weapon is Neuvillette’s signature weapon and is best used on him. The Crit DMG substat is great for increasing his damage, and the passive is tailor-made to fit with his kit. As some of Neuvillette’s damage scales with HP, the HP boost from this weapon’s passive helps him deal more damage. Additionally, Neuvillette has a self HP-drain mechanic, which will also increase his Charged Attack DMG, the core of his damage.
  • Barbara: Barbara has a niche DPS build that can take advantage of this item where a majority of her damage comes from her Charged Attacks. If you’re feeling silly and want to turn Barbara into a DPS character instead of a healer, this weapon will suit her well.

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