We all get excited when a new title is announced and we see the words “Coming Soon”, or some other variant of that. What exactly does that mean though and how soon is soon?

    The term as decided in a German court recently has been declared to be too vague. Therefore as result, at least in Germany companies can’t use it anymore when advertising a new release. A litigant actually sued reseller MediaMark because of what they stated were crazy wait times for delivery.

    According to this new ruling, any reseller that does not list an actual delivery date will be breaking the law. They will be seen as simply using those terms to just gain tons of pre-orders. Germany’s consumer rights laws are actually the strictest in the world, so this ruling comes as no surprise. Now customers have the option if the item is shipped past its expected date to 1) refuse delivery and 2) request a full refund. This is a big win for consumers and gamers alike.

    Hopefully, this can be expanded to other parts of the world.

    Source : TechPowerUp

    Tarah Bleier
    Tarah Bleier is a freelance writer, editor and content creator from Toronto. She currently actively writes for, Daily Esports, Nintendo Enthusiast, PC Invasion, Flixist and Outright Geekery. As a graduate from Centennial College’s Journalism program, she has also written for Tribute.ca, Factinate.com and recently for Geek Enthusiast Magazine. In her free time, she loves gaming, cosplaying, prop making and attending as many conventions and geeky events as she can.

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