Ubisoft has revealed the dates for the Xbox 360 and PS3 closed betas of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (the PC release, of course, is delayed, so may not get a beta). From 19 April until 2 May, those with beta access will be able to play two maps (Pipeline and Mill) in two different multiplayer modes.
‘Conflict’ will be available from 19 April onwards, and pits up to twelve players against each other in a battle to secure objectives and earn points, while ‘Saboteur’ will be playable from 26 April and involves two teams battling over a centrally placed bomb. Each team must grab the bomb and detonate it in the opposing base.
Three classes (Rifleman, Engineer and Scout) will be playable in this beta. To get access on the Xbox 360, you either need to own a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction or pre-order Future Soldier. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get PS3 keys. Everyone else should “look out for additional key giveaways online”.
Naturally, since every other multiplayer shooter has one, Ubisoft is also creating the ‘Ghost Recon Network’. In this, you’ll be able to share gun builds, look at a host of statistics and get ‘exclusive rewards’. Beta testers will get a look at the Network, and the system will go live when Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is released for 360 and PS3 on 25 May.
The PC version will follow in June. It’s not yet clear whether this version will use the Network or not.

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