Gigantic Rampage Edition
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Gigantic tier list: Every Rampage Edition hero ranked from best to worst

Who will you rampage with?

Gigantic: Rampage Edition is the revitalized MOBA that’ll hopefully stay up longer than last time. With this new edition, more heroes have been added for us to play with, so let’s shove them in a tier list like usual fashion.

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Gigantic: Rampage Edition tier list

I will be ranking all the heroes in Gigantic: Rampage Edition from best to worst. I have gathered my information based on public opinion, to try and remain objective. However, keep in mind that this is a pretty new game, so all the metas may not be fully fleshed out yet.

The game so far seems rather balanced, so we’ll see most of these heroes in the same weight class, with some exceptions, of course. As the days go on, we’ll see how different ability strategies come to light to elevate certain heroes in the rankings.

Gigantic How To Unlock All Heroes
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Consider this tier list a good point of reference for what characters are generally accepted to be good or bad, although the best tier list is the one you make yourself.


The following four heroes are regarded to be the best of the best. Although the game is largely balanced, these four shine out as fantastic contenders, so be very wary when seeing them on the field!

  • T-MAT
  • Tripp
  • Uncle Sven
  • Wu


The majority of heroes are considered to be great to play, which is why the A-tier is so bloated. You’ll have a good time playing with any of these heroes, and you’d better watch out for players who have taken a certain liking to any of these characters.

  • Aisling
  • Beckett
  • Charnok
  • HK-206
  • Imani
  • Kajir
  • Lord Knossos
  • Pakko
  • Ramsey
  • Roland
  • Rutger
  • The Margrave
  • Tyto The Swift
  • Voden


Although the majority of characters are great to play with, the community has largely regarded these characters as not quite living up to the others. They often leave something to be desired or are simply not as effective in their niche as other characters.

But don’t properly discount them until you’ve played them!

  • Ezren Ghal
  • Griselma
  • Mozu
  • Oru
  • Vadasi
  • Xenobia


Poor Zandora has been largely considered to be the worst hero to play in Gigantic: Rampage Edition, and so sits in the C-tier alone. Unfortunately, it seems that anything Zandora can do another hero can do better, making her a poor match against other heroes.

But maybe you’ll unlock her potential?

  • Zandora

There you have it, a tier list of every hero in Gigantic Rampage Edition. Now that you know where they all sit, why don’t you try to unlock the ones you want?

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