Heatwave Interactive launched their Roman themed MMO Gods & Heroes in the middle of last year but it really failed to gain any traction. At the end of last year they also revealed that players would no longer need to subscribe and they could continue to play for free.
At the time we spoke to Heatwave who admitted they were having problems with the game and finding funding to keep the title alive. In a frank and to the point letter from the Heatwave, they have revealed that all further development on the game has now ceased and the developers have been let go.
The main bulk of the statement cuts to the chase.
Since last August, the executive team has been in discussions with a variety of partners to find a way to bring additional funding and support to the project to do what really needs to be done to bring the game to a successful free-2-play launch. This is a multi-million dollar effort that involves improving the overall gameplay (combat, interface, etc…) as well as PvP and significant content updates beyond those already discussed. Those talks continue with a few parties, but no definitive agreement has yet been made.
To be honest, I’ve driven the company to the brink several times in an effort to keep the team together and to keep Gods and Heroes operating. However, at the end of 2011, it was clear that we would either have to let the team go, or find another way to keep them around. So, in order to keep the game alive and have a real chance at getting the free 2 play effort funded, we’ve reassigned the majority of the development team to new projects and made the service free for everyone.
The game will have to remain in this state until we find further funding. I hope my honesty and transparency about what has been going on with G&H communicates our commitment and belief in the project.
The main problem with the game was the polish; it just wasn’t ready for release as anyone who has played it will tell you. Perhaps they will find further funding to go free to play but in this competitive MMO market it’s going to be tough.

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