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Each day, Google updates its official homepage with expressive games, music, or artwork. These Google Doodles often commemorate seasonal and historic events among other themes. On the eve of Halloween, the search engine giant is debuting a multiplayer game called The Great Ghoul Duel as its Doodle.

How Do You Play?

Ghoul Duel is more than just a way to lose some of your productivity time at work. The browser-based game allows you to control a ghost in a team-based multiplayer setting. You move your ghost about the screen, capturing small balls of fire known as Spirit Flames. You do this using the arrow keys or dragging the mouse in the direction you want to head. You must then take the flames you gathered and bolt back to your base in order to tip the scales in your favor. During this time, your three other teammates are doing the same in order to boost your team’s score.

Great Ghost Duel 2

To add to the challenge, when you’ve got a decent trail of flames behind you, the other team can steal your Spirit Flame’s and instead exchange them for their team color. Scoring earns boosts such as faster speed or magnetism.


Although Google has hosted games as Doodles in the past, Ghoul Duel is the first one to support multiplayer. Hosted on Google Cloud, the connectivity to other parties searching for a game is incredibly fast. You can also choose a private match and compete against a friend’s only list.

Great Ghost Duel 1

Some of the other game’s that have been featured via Google Doodle have included Pac-Man, Pony Express, and even a Valentine’s Day game for all you lovers out there. Have you racked up a huge score in the Great Ghoul Duel? Let us know in the comments below!

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