Goose Goose Duck Game Scattered Geese

Goose Goose Duck is the latest social deduction game flying up the Steam charts

The formula works its magic once again.

Upon looking at the social deduction game Goose Goose Duck for the first time, comparisons to Among Us will likely immediately come to mind. And funnily enough, the similarities go well beyond its gameplay, visuals, and premise. Much like how Among Us exploded in popularity well after its release, Goose Goose Duck has dominated the Steam charts recently — even though it came out in 2021. In fact, according to SteamDBGoose Goose Duck has reached an all-time peak of 563,677 concurrent players as of this writing, which actually exceeds Among Us‘ all-time peak of 447,476 players. As spotted by PC Gamer, this surge occurred after Kim Tae-hyung, a member of the popular K-pop group BTS, streamed the game.

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According to a recent Steam news update, this massive spike in the player count led to a server outage earlier this week. Developer Gaggle Studios made sure to thank players for the support, saying that although it expected a significant boost to the player count, it did not anticipate that it would grow this big.

The developer stated that Goose Goose Duck’s player count specifically went up by around 250,000, practically necessitating an increase in the server capacity. A tweet posted shortly after the news update confirmed that the servers went back online, with the developers ensuring that they will “work on server stability and expansion.”

What is Goose Goose Duck all about?

Goose Goose Duck‘s gameplay loop sees a group of player geese collaborating to complete certain objectives. Players have to remain vigilant, though, as every team will have a sole imposter duck aiming to kill everyone when they least expect it. This is where the game’s social deduction aspect comes into play, as the geese need to figure out who the duck is and put an end to their nefarious scheme.

If Goose Goose Duck seems interesting to you, then it won’t take much effort at all to get into the game. You can check it out on Steam for free, although it does contain a few microtransactions for cosmetic items.

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Image via Gaggle Studios

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