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Look, it’s real and everything.

Okay, it’s finally confirmed. Grand Theft Auto V will be released for the PC “this Fall” according to an official trailer released by Rockstar. All of those rumours and whispers can come to an end. We’re getting it on PC after all.

The trailer is a fairly minimal affair, showing shots from around Grand Theft Auto V’s open world environment. But the important part comes at the end, where “PC” pops up alongside the more recent consoles as a release platform. Incidentally, the footage comes from the PS4 version.

Anyhow, come the Autumn we’ll be driving, gunning and … err … open world missioning it up with the rest of them. No word yet about specific PC graphics details or anything of that nature. Hopefully all that lovely PC-specific stuff will be talked about by Rockstar in the near future.

For now have a watch of the confirmation trailer, below.

Peter Parrish

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