Grime Enemy Skills Traits Abilities Hunt Points Guide

Grime features dozens of enemies for you to fight. While you can defeat most of them by using your weapons, you can also use your head (not just figuratively). Your character’s head is a black hole, and pressing the parry button at the correct moment allows you to absorb an opponent’s essence. In some cases, you might need to absorb the same foe multiple times to fully learn a trait. In turn, you’ll use your Hunt Points to activate these perks. Here’s our Grime enemy skills and traits guide to help you obtain all the abilities in the game.

Note: For more information, you can check out our Grime guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers since we’ll discuss abilities gained from bosses.


Grime: Enemy skills and traits guide — Obtaining all abilities for your Hunt Points

In general, the only enemies whose skills can be absorbed are those with a red health bar when they’re close to death. True, there are certain enemies which may have a mix of red and grey in their meters. But, only those with a red segment close to the left side (i.e., depletion/death) can have traits learned and absorbed.

You can see this in the image below:

Grm En Skl Gd 1

Below, you’ll see a list of the enemies in Grime, along with any learnable skills and traits that they may have. Please note that some enemies may still appear in other areas of the game. Also, I should mention that we weren’t allowed to divulge more details past a certain point in Grime‘s campaign. As such, this list is currently missing a few tidbits of information.

Weeping Cavity
Enemy Name Skill/Trait
Boulderhead Reduces incoming damage after failing to absorb an attack.
Frail Arm Restores 25% of total force after a successful absorb or repel.
Crawler Hold the left thumbstick to walk slowly.
Ancient Limb Repelling an attack damages the attacker; benefits from Resonance stat.
Frantic Gently pulls on nearby vulnerable surfaces to reveal hidden paths.
Wretch Damage dealt is increased by 25%/35%/40% when at or above 60%/80%/100% Ardor.
Amalgam (boss) Special mechanic: Ardor – Your combo meter which increases via kills and absorbs. The combo count is decreased whenever you take damage. The higher your Ardor, the higher the mass (EXP) you earn from all types of enemies other than bosses.

Grm En Skl Gd 2

Unformed Desert
Enemy Name Skill/Trait
Fledgling Yr Repelling an attack grants a stacking damage increase; lost when you take damage.
Clawhound Dashing leaves behind an echo; restore 25% of total force when the echo is damaged.
Eyebrute Boosts the damage done by reflected projectiles.
Rockhead Increase your maximum health.
Desert Watcher Increases Breath capacity.
You can check our Grime secrets/missable content guide for more info.
Enemy Name Skill/Trait
Leaper Increase your maximum force.
Ravenous Rock Increases Ardor gained from all sources.
Harmless Rockgiant (miniboss) Increases Breath capacity.
Madrock Increases the absorb parry duration, making it easier to repel/reflect/absorb attacks.
Grieving Rockgiant (miniboss) Increases Breath capacity.
Whispering Mothers (boss) Special mechanic: Pull – Allows you to pull objects such as platforms and entangled loot, as well as certain enemies.

Grime Enemy Skills Traits Abilities Hunt Points Guide 1

Enemy Name Skill/Trait
Creep Backstabbing enemies deals more damage.
Root Walker Holding the Breath (heal) button allows for boosted restoration.
Piercer Pulling an enemy deals absorb damage; at rank 2, this slightly restores your Breath meter.
Craver When enemies are killed through any other means besides absorption, they’ll drop clouds of Breath that slightly restore the meter.
Feaster’s Lair
Enemy Name Skill/Trait
Lurker Absorbing attacks heals you.
Tonguebrute Temporarily increases damage done after pulling an enemy.
Jawcrab (miniboss) Increases Breath capacity.
Vulture (boss) Special mechanic: Air Dash – Allows you to dash while in mid-air.
– This mob only spawns during phase 2 of the Vulture boss fight. Be sure to absorb it or you’ll miss your chance.
Force regeneration won’t pause while you’re healing.
Misbegotten Amalgam (miniboss) Special mechanic: Item Pull – Enhances your pull move so that it can also grab item crystals.
You can check our Grime secrets/missable content guide for more info.
Enemy Name Skill/Trait
Skewer Deal damage on well-timed dashes; benefits from Resonance stat.
Jawstag (miniboss) Increases Breath capacity.
Yr Den
Enemy Name Skill/Trait

Grime Enemy Skills Traits Abilities Hunt Points Guide 2

Servant’s Path/Carven Palace
Enemy Name Skill/Trait
Servant Increases the healing done by Breath.

Note: Thanks to Alexander Pereira for mentioning this in the comments section. I forgot to farm this mob when I was playing, so I wasn’t able to acquire the trait.

Apprentice Deal more damage when in critical condition.
Shapely Fidus (boss) Special mechanic: Self-Pull – Allows you to pull yourself via shadowy orbs (i.e., it’s like a grapple move).
Artisan of Flesh (miniboss) Increases Breath capacity.
Enemy Name Skill/Trait
Flower Fighter Increases force regeneration speed.

Grime Enemy Skills Traits Abilities Hunt Points Guide 3

Note: Grime is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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