Grizzled Veterans Podcast EP#22: 2013 year in review + our GOTY!

Another year down the tubes and with it comes GV’s second annual year in review episode. After initially thinking we’d hold off until January, all that changed with a few rum and egg nogs. In our longest main-lined episode yet, Donovan and I touch on our highs and lows from the eventful year of gaming that was 2013.

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The 3DS and Wii U represent both realms of the spectrum here — as well as next-gen being a success on the whole — leading into our biggest disappointment of the year: games journalism/coverage on the whole. It’s time to upgrade our expectations for how this pastime and passion is covered, ladies and gentleman!

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After a quick musical interlude, we return in the second half to award our 2013 Games of the Year by category. Covering everything from soundtrack and DLC of the year, all the way to the inevitable game of the year, Grizzled Veterans gives you our take on the best the year has to offer.

Of course, and as always, we bring to you the top-notch editing and sound quality you’ve come to expect from us, but also, a personal touch on just what the holidays means to us and how it can remind us of the best and the worst of times as well.

In closing, 2013 marks our second full year of this audio adventure and we’ve watched it grow along the way and it’s all thanks to you, YES, YOU! Without our listeners, we wouldn’t have a reason for doing this and whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us your time and downloads every episode. Peace and love friends and let 2014 be your best year yet!

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Jason Rose is a criminally underutilized features contributor/freelancer. Recently, he’s been acknowledge as an IGN All-Star. Continue the conversation by following him on Twitter @JasonRoseEh and be sure to listen to his podcast, Grizzled Veterans-The most seasoned podcast in existence. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes.

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